Spotlight: Campus sci-fi club discusses films, television

Murray State is renowned for its many clubs and organizations where students can get involved. One little-known club that thrives on campus is the Murray State sci-fi club.

The sci-fi club is a social club that meets regularly to watch movies, television shows and other videos popular in the sci-fi community. During the meetings, the club also watches pilot episodes of new sci-fi shows and discusses the details of the show and what the members enjoy about it. Occasionally game nights and movie screenings are set up for the club members. 

The sci-fi club is new to Murray State’s campus as it is only in its second year, and is still growing. Currently the club has approximately 20 active  members, including Dr. Susan Drake, the club sponsor and Ray Brasher, sci-fi club president.

“The attendance tends to vary due to meeting times and schedule conflicts,” Drake said.

Some interests of the members in the sci-fi club are “Dr. Who,” “Stargate,” “Star Trek” and “Farscape.” More recently, the club has began watching a new show called “Revolution” which takes place post-apocalypse. Anything in the sci-fi genre is fair game for discussing in the club.

“The club is very inclusive,” Drake said. “Anyone who attends the meeting can be a member of the sci-fi club by simply signing the attendance roster.”

For more information on the club, attend a meeting at 7 p.m. on Tuesdays in room 408 of Faculty Hall or check out the club’s Facebook page under “Murray State Scifi Club.”

Story by Hunter Harrell, Staff writer.