Students make Facebook pages for entertainment

Racer Meme’s, 2011 student-operated Facebook page created in April, has reached 500 likes. The page, created by Moe Maghrabi, a sophomore from Saudi Arabia and Jay Odom a sophomore from Paris, Tenn., is designed to entertain students during their Murray State days.

“Racer Meme’s is just to get a laugh out of Murray State,” Odom said. “The content we post, we don’t ever mean to offend anybody. What we do is, we take what other people around campus are saying, and we make pictures out of it. It’s not our own views, it is what all of the other students are saying. What we post is meant to get laughs, that’s all.”

Racer Meme’s began as the result of the tremendous positive response to Odom and Maghrabi’s individual humorous posts in the beginning of the second semester of their freshman year. After a time of posting the pictures onto their personal Facebook walls, they came up with the idea to consolidate their pictures into one new Facebook page centered around fun Murray State topics.

“At the beginning we were making pictures separately, like just posting on our page, but then (Odom) gave us the idea about making funny things about Murray State,” Maghrabi said. “I made one about Blackboard, and I posted it on my wall, and he made one about Winslow, and he posted it on his wall and we both checked it, and we saw that people liked it so we decided to make the page.”

Now six months after the debut of Racer Meme’s, they have created a new page, Racer Wisdom.

Racer Wisdom, Odom and Maghrabi said, is really made to be the positive side of Murray State. Both creators realize that the pictures on Racer Meme’s can often be construed as negative, and have created Racer Wisdom in an effort to counteract that.

“Racer Wisdom is a place to spread your love, peace, happiness, knowledge, experience, positive thoughts and blessings through Wisdom quotes,” Racer Wisdom’s page description says. “We are here to inspire and be inspired.”

Maghrabi and Odom are both looking forward to watching the Racer Meme’s grow and said they hope Racer Wisdom will experience the same degree of success Racer Meme’s has earned.

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Story by Shannon MacAllister, Staff writer