Origami Night kicks off international events

Students who attended Origami Night had the chance to learn the art form. || Kylie Townsend/The News

Students who attended Origami Night had the chance to learn the art form. || Kylie Townsend/The News

Getting off of the elevator on the fourth floor of Faculty Hall, otherwise known as the language floor, a student might expect to hear a foreign language and might even receive a taste of another culture.

This is the reason the International Cultures and Languages Association ‘s (ICALA) and Japanese Student Association’s (JSA) hosted Origami Night there on Sept. 13. The event attracted more than 35 people from the University.

Susan Drake, the adviser for the ICALA, said this year’s origami event was the third to date and it all started with wanting to further education of the Japanese culture.

“At the time, we had a Japanese international student who was an expert in origami,” she said. “Sakura could make the most amazing origami pieces. She has since graduated, but we continue the tradition with the assistance from the Japanese Student Association.”

Drake said the ICALA hoped the students were realizing the importance of enjoying other cultures. The goal of the ICALA, she said, is to provide activities that are engaging while learning about other cultures in an environment that brings students together. Murray State, Calloway County Middle School and Calloway County High School students all attended.

Drake said the ICALA, which was formally known as the Foreign Language Club (FLC), was first created to spread interest and desire for international education. The ICALA?and FLC have hosted several events int the past include the International Dinner at Winslow, the International Bazaar and The International World of Dance.

The event was designed not only to teach students how to fold origami but to also run the officer elections for the ICALA.

Origami Night is just the first of many ICALA events that Drake said are planned to happen, all with the intention of furthering international awareness.

She said some of the upcoming fall events include the bratwurst fundraiser at Tent City, Oktoberfest and a field trip to celebrate the Mexican custom of Day of the Dead.

Story by Sam Villanueva, Staff writer.