Line dancing classes now offered

Kylie Townsend || The News

Kylie Townsend || The News

Murray State’s Wellness Center is now offering line dancing classes. Those interested can attend either the basic line dancing class at 5:30 p.m. every Friday or the couples line dancing at 6:30 p.m. in the auxiliary exercise room in the Wellness Center. The class is open to anyone and is intended to encourage a healthy lifestyle while also being enjoyable for everyone involved.

“My goal with the MSU class is to get people to move, laugh and enjoy the moment,” Donna Witherspoon, University Store Assistant and class instructor, said. “I would love to teach a class for students for a course credit. I think it would be great for teachers.”

The class is not meant to be challenging for students, Witherspoon said.

“If you can count to four and are willing to practice just a little, everyone can dance just four steps at a time,” she said. “Come move with us, we all start this way.”

The class is doing well with its numbers as it steadily attracts new people each week. Students attending the class will learn some basic steps then slowly build upon their skills in order to prepare them to go to a line dancing event, Witherspoon said.

“Every year our goal is to learn several dances and then just go somewhere to dance,” Witherspoon said. “So far we have danced together at some of the dances in Tennessee and I still dance with some of my students that have graduated. It would be nice to have a dance event here.”

Class participants look forward to the class every week, and continue to come back year after year.

“I really do enjoy the class, I’ve been going every semester since she started teaching the class I think five years ago, and I look forward to it, it really is just a good time,” said Pat Hosford, business administrator of the Health Service Center.

Students aren’t required but are encouraged to wear clothes they are comfortable in when they attend the class. Music is provided during the classes.

The class is always accepting new students. For more information, contact the Wellness Center at (270) 809-6000.

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