Lavender Blond: Summer to Fall

I found some of my favorite Polyvore sets that exemplify dressing for the in between season. The transition from summer clothing to fall can be tricky. The idea of scarves and coats epitomize cool weather but are still unrealistic with weather in the 70’s. Layering is essential for cool mornings and warm evenings.

Summer skirts look refreshed with a cardigan and layered socks with tights and booties. A beige trench is versatile and ties together the look. A tank top looks chic and appropriate with a layered blazer, which is ideal for chilly classrooms. Thin simple summer blouses are warmed up with an autumn colored poncho. Shorts are perhaps the most versatile summer item. Shorts layered with fun patterned tights paired with chunky closed toe wedges or boots are a trendy way to prep for fall. Belted sundresses with a blue jean jacket is perhaps my favorite look.

Your make-up routine can also be switched up. Cooler weather allows for bolder cosmetic choices. A berry tinted lip stain and olive eyeliner are perfect.

So before investing in a new fall wardrobe, play dress up with your summer favorites.

Blog by Lindsey Summers, staff blogger.