Ryan’s Steakhouse closes

Mike Creekmur, area director of the Murray Ryan’s Steakhouse, told employees at 8 a.m. the restaurant was closed effective Wednesday morning.

Creekmur said the community could not support the restaurant and the restaurant could not support the community.

Steven Hurt, senior from Louisville, Ky., said he attended the meeting Wednesday morning where Creermur informed employees the restaurant would no longer be in operation.

He said a severance package would be available for employees who had been with the restaurant for more than 90 days.

“Employees were crying, managers we’re crying; we’re all out of a job,” Hurt said. “He asked for volunteers today to help clean up the store and completely shut it down today.”

Hurt said he is now unemployed.

“It sucks,” Hurt said. “We had no notice.”

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8 Comments on "Ryan’s Steakhouse closes"

  1. David-Cassy Brame Coker | September 19, 2012 at 6:41 pm |

    A few very good people lost their jobs today. That is sad and can only wish them the very best. The restaurant itself served very poor food at best, especially breakfast on weekends. I had read over a year ago in a trade publication that the company was in bad financial condition and may restructure within a year possibly closing several of their Ryan's and other company owned restaurant.

  2. Sucks for the people that lost their jobs, but the food was pretty bad.

  3. Never ate there. Where was it at?

  4. Was it jus Murray's or all?

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