Murray City Clerk terminated, files letters of grievance

According to a press release from the City of Murray regarding the termination of a city employee, Mayor Bill Wells has terminated Murray City Clerk Harla McClure for violations of the personnel policies and procedures for dishonesty, immoral or improper conduct and on-duty or off-duty activities that discredit the individual or organization.

The press release states McClure said she purchased a city sticker for one of her vehicles, a Toyota Sienna, and then reported it as stolen to receive a $1 replacement sticker.

The sticker reported as stolen was found on a Ford Escape that is also registered to McClure.

Matt Mattingly, city administrator, recommended to Mayor Wells, via internal memo, that Ms. McClure’s employment with the City of Murray be terminated for violations of the personnel policies and procedures.

Mayor Wells conducted a disciplinary hearing for Ms. McClure and following the hearing, terminated the employment of Ms. McClure.

McClure has submitted a grievance letter to Mattingly, who has since responded to the grievance letter.

According the City of Murray’s grievance procedure, if McClure is not satisfied with the response from Mattingly, she will have the opportunity to submit a grievance to Mayor Wells.

When McClure made the report of the stolen city sticker, it triggered a review into Ms. McClure’s purchasing history.  In the 2011-2012 period, McClure purchased two city stickers at $50 each (one for a Toyota Sienna and one for a Ford Escape).  For the 2012-2013 period, Ms. McClure purchased one city sticker at $50 for a Toyota Sienna and one replacement sticker (due to the report of a stolen sticker) for $1 for a Toyota Sienna.

The stickers that the City of Murray selected are a tamper resistant, destructible sticker that is designed to tear off in pieces.  These pieces are provided as verification when someone sells or transfers their vehicle and needs to purchase a replacement sticker for $1.

Information provided by the City of Murray.