Lavender Blond: College days

Hello, my name is Lindsey Summers. I am a senior marketing major, political junkie, and fashion lover. I enjoy scrounging through thrift stores finding unique jewelry and clothing. I mainly gather inspiration from street style blogs such as,, or to name a few. I look forward to posting fashion tips and trends and hope you’ll follow along. My blog is called Lavender Blond, it’s a part of my actual blog on Blogger. Each week I will bring you new posts with trends, Polyvore sets, and tips! This is my first entry.

When I start to prepare my closet for cooler weather I like to keep a few things in mind: comfort, ease of style, and versatility. I weigh more importance on classical pieces that would stand the test of time, rather than gone in a second trends. I like to use a site called Polyvore, which allows you to style outfits and scenes known as sets.

In the first set, a ladylike floral dress can be warmed up with a leather jacket and wooly tights. The greatest feature of a patterned dress is that accesories are optional. The white crossbody bag and beige jacket are neutral enough to complement any outfit.

The second set is perfect to throw on when you’re running late for class and still look put together. The umbrella is adorable and a steal for only $17! The brown skinny jeans epitomize fall weather and are a great staple piece.

The third set is very feminine casual with a mossy green trench that pulls together the outfit. The bright rust toned purse is ideal to carry notebooks, pencils, and durable enough for books.

The last set is perfect to wear to class if you want to look a bit more sophisticated than usual. It can easily be dressed up with a pair of sparkly heels and clutch. Possibly the best feature about these sets is that every item is almost under $50. If you click on the photos above, you will see where to buy each item. Make daring sartorial decisions this semester!

Blog by Lindsey Summers, contributing blogger.