Top 10 reasons why Murray is the friendliest

1. “Every time I go somewhere, people are overly friendly. You just get that warm feeling here. People genuinely want to help.” -Pam Lefko, junior from Hopkinsville, Ky.

2. “The main thing is, people care here. They’ll ask you ‘How are you?’ and genuinely want to know.” -Alissa Hester, grad student from Clarksville, Tenn.

3. “Everyone looks out for one another.” -Jennifer Minnis, grad student from Memphis, Tenn.

4. “Murray has a really nice community. People are comfortable here. It’s a big town with a small town feel.” -Joseph Davis, freshman from Hazel, Ky.

5. “There’s no bullying taking place. Nothing escalades and if it does, people typically just walk away. -Josh Hitz, sophomore from Staunton, Ill.

6. “People will stop for you, especially when crossing the street. I’ve heard in other places people won’t do this as often.” -Emily Davis, sophomore from Hazel, Ky.

7. “Everyone is really nice. (They) will actually stop and help you to solve your problems.” -Susan White, freshman from Buchanan, Tenn.

8. “Murray has been a wonderful experience. From expanding my education, getting my first job and meeting people who will and are definitely my friends for life, I have had a lot of good experiences here at Murray.” -Wynne Wallace, senior from Fredonia, Ky.

9. “People I’ve never actually met will come up and ask me how my day was.” -Katie Mcallister, senior from Murray, Ky.

10. “Manners still matter here. People still hold doors for each other. People still ask each other, ‘How are you?’ and they mean it.” -Austin Wildmann, senior from Helena, Ark.