Football, volleyball win soccer championship

Tensions ran high Tuesday night as both the men’s and women’s played for the intramural soccer championship. The girls kicked off the night as the Lady Terps took on the Murray State Volleyball team and the men followed with the Futballers playing the Shooting Panthers.

The Lady Terps started off strong with a goal to take the lead 1-0. MSU Volleyball girls rallied and scored a goal to tie it up 1-1. The atmosphere intensified as the officials asked fans to move from the bench-side of the field to the other to move fans away from the benches of the teams.

Strong defense and goaltending left the game tied at two headed into the second half.

The Lady Terps took the lead 3-2 after a strong kick was initially stopped, only to bounce off a volleyball player and trickle back into the net. However, the MSU Volleyball girls would once again tie the score off with a strong kick from Lydia Orf.

The clock ran and officials called time, ending the second half with the score tied 3-3. Neither team could manage a goal in the five minute overtime period. The championship would come down to penalty kicks.

The MSU Volleyball girls scraped out a win by outshooting the Lady Terps 3-2 in penalty kicks.

The drama would continue on into the men’s game as the Futballers took on the Shooting Panthers.

With three minutes left in the first half, The Shooting Panthers took a 2-1 lead with a well-placed header into the back of the net.

The intensity of the game increased as the teams headed into the second half. The Panthers relyed on their stout defense.

“We know how to compete, we get after it and we know how to play hard-nose D (defense),” said senior captain Paul Lewis. “Kienan (Cullen) up front does a pretty good job defending.”

The Futballers eventually broke through the Panther defense as shouts erupted from the fans when the Futballers scored a goal to tie the game at 2.

The Shooting Panthers responded a minute later with a goal, retaking the lead 3-2.

As the second half wound down, several shots bounced off the post or sailed just wide of the net.

The Futballers made a strong drive to the net and scored tying the game 3-3.

Strong goal keeping wouldn’t be enough to keep the Shooting Panthers from scoring. Fans erupted as the Shooting Panthers scored what looked like the winning goal.

They were soon silenced seconds later when the Futballers responded, sending the championship to overtime.

Both teams went all-out to score a championship-winning goal. Neither team could manage enough pressure to score and for the second time Tuesday night, a championship would come down to penalty kicks.

After several scores, the Futballer’s goalie made one last stop, securing a 4-3 advantage in penalty kicks and winning the championship for his team.

“It’s been pretty amazing, 10-0 now, we won the final championship game,” said Lewis. “We knew they were pretty good, and my respect grew for them from the skill stand point; we saw they could play.”