Liner Notes: Young girls, bad songs

I think we can all agree that today a lot of people gain their musical success from YouTube.

Take Justin Bieber, Karmin, Greyson Chance, and Cody Simpson for instance. These aspiring musicians were noticed by producing one likable music video that received thousands of hits.

Once their videos were seen by the eyes of someone in the music industry who was interested in them, most of the singers began making real music videos.

Obviously these were the YouTube stars who have since received a large amount of fans and support. There are some YouTube artists, however, who have made a name for themselves on the video sharing website but not necessarily in a positive way.

Let’s look at Rebecca Black, for instance. A young, attractive girl with parents who can afford to pay for her to release a single and music video on YouTube and iTunes, and a bad one at that. Since her song “Friday” was released last year, Black has received tons of criticism for the song and several negeative remarks.

The autotuned song acquired more than 29 million views on YouTube and had previously made a top-30 ranking on iTunes.

Following the release of “Friday,” ten-year-old Jenna Rose released a music video about her favorite pair of pants called “My Jeans.” This song is about seeing her designer jeans worn on celebrities.

Luckily for Black and Rose, a new bad song has surfaced on YouTube called “Hot Problems.”

The song is sung by two seventeen-year-old girls – Drew Garrett and Lauren Willey – who call themselves Double Take. The song is about how hot girls have a hard time being hot and perfect. Thanks to these two girls, now their problems are our problems.

The thing that I argue that Black and Rose did right with their viral songs was use autotune. Sure, they still don’t sound perfect, but at least they tried to make the songs sound decent, and, like I said earlier, their parents could afford to make the songs a big deal.

It seems like Double Take didn’t put the money into their song and video like Black and Rose did. Besides the obvious lack of lyrical talent, maybe that is where they went wrong.

“We knew that we couldn’t actually sing, so we decided we would go for a more talking-singing instead,” one of the girls said in an interview with ABC News.

The girls said in that interview that they wanted to make something funny to show their friends and didn’t mean anything by it. The girls also answered the interviewer’s question “do you think you’re hot” with no.

It’s so easy for people to make a video and upload it on YouTube but I don’t understand how Double Take managed to get their song sold on iTunes if they created it as something to make their friends laugh.

Today, “Hot Problems” is claimed by critics to be the worst song ever and compared to “Friday,” Black made a “musical masterpiece.” What’s next?