Council recognizes men’s basketball team

Mayor Bill Wells presents the three seniors of the Murray State men’s basketball team with a plaque, acknowledging their record-setting season. || Chris Wilcox/The News

The Murray City Council recognized the Murray State men’s basketball team on April 12 for their record-breaking season.

City Mayor Bill Wells gave plaques of recognition to Allen Ward, director of Athletics, Head Coach Steve Prohm, Neal Bradley, sports commentator known as the “Voice of the Racers” and members of the Murray State men’s basketball team.

When addressing Ward, Wells said he could not be more proud of the Racer Nation and their success this season.

Ward said he was honored by the recognition.

“This has been a very special year,” Ward said. “It doesn’t happen without good people, which we are surrounded by at Murray State.”

Wells addressed Bradley next. He said Bradley’s commentary during the games made the Racer Nation feel as if they were courtside for every exciting game of the season.

Bradley said he had never been a part of something like the Murray State fan base before.

Wells called Prohm to the podium and said he was thrilled Prohm would be staying with Murray State and that he believed the coach had handled the 2011-12 Murray State Racer team with great distinction and sportsmanship.

Prohm said coaching was overrated. He said it was the community, the players and the coaching staff that made the season possible.

“You have to have great players to get anything done as a coach and that’s why we were good,” he said. “We had great players who handled themselves all season long with great humility, great unselfishness and they played extremely hard and that is why we were good.”

Prohm said the fans were more supportive than he could have imagined. He said a great community was required and that Murray had one.

“I hope we continue to get the community’s support in the upcoming seasons,” he said.

Next, Wells presented a plaque to the senior members of the team: senior forward Jewuan Long, senior guard Donte Poole and senior forward Ivan Aska. The plaque read “2011-2012 Men’s Basketball Team: OVC Champs 31-2. The last undefeated team in the nation.”

Poole said he was honored by recognition from the city.

“We were playing the game,” he said. “But you were filling the stands cheering us on, and we appreciate that.”

Said Dunn: “I think its wonderful the city took an opportunity to congratulate the success of the basketball team and Murray State.”