Public Safety sees increase in Racer Escort calls

Greg Johnson/The News

Racer Escorts, a service offered by Racer Patrol, have doubled in the spring semester.

In the fall semester, there were 26 escorts; this semester, with two weeks less than the fall, there have been 56 escorts.

David Devoss, chief of police for the Murray State Public Safety, said the reason there has been such an increase could be due to students requesting escorts later at night.

“While there are typically a few escorts each night, the recent increase in escorts can be attributed to one or two students who have requested escorts late at night,” he said.

Racer Escorts can help students feel more comfortable walking late at night across campus, he said.

“Some students work at jobs off campus and return to parking lots late at night,” he said. “They feel safer by asking for an escort.”

Devoss said if a student calls Racer Patrol at 809-2222 on their way back to campus, the officer could meet them in a parking lot.

The service, he said, is irreplaceable.

“The student Racer Patrol division of Public Safety and Emergency Management is an invaluable component contributing to the Department’s efforts to provide safety and security for students, faculty, staff and visitors to the Murray State campus,” Devoss said.

Tommy Kimbro, sergeant for the Murray State Police, said the spike in Racer Escorts is not normal.

“The increase in Racer Patrol Escorts is a little abnormal,” he said. “I have been working at MSU for several years and have not seen a spike such as this one and I really have no idea as to why.”

Graphic by Erin Jackel/The News

Escorts, Kimbro said, are something the Murray State Police enjoy doing.

“The escorts are not bothersome at all, in fact the MSU Police and Racer Patrol get great pleasure in conducting the escorts knowing that the person(s) being escorted feel safer,” he said.

Hannah Wynstra, junior from Mayfield, Ky., said she was at the library when she called Racer Patrol for an escort.

“Immediately upon calling, (Racer Patrol) answered my call and said that one of their very own would be on their way to meet me in moments,” she said.

Wynstra said the service is a valuable one.

“It was truly an unforgettable experience, and I am most grateful for the Racer Escorts who are so valuable to ensuring adequate protection of the people of Murray State.”