Hilton returns to music scene with second album

Photo courtesy of st0rmtracker.wordpress.com

After waiting for more than a year, Tyler Hilton fans everywhere, also known as “storm trackers” for those of us who have been following his progress, are now at ease as Hilton’s second full studio album was released Tuesday.

Hilton’s original album title was “The Storms We Share.” After a production delay, Hilton decided “Forget The Storm” was a more appropriate name for his sophomore album.

The opening track is “Kicking My Heels.” While I’m more of a music person rather than a lyrics person, the lyrics for this particular track reveal how Hilton feels unworthy of the girl he is with. This album starter is a very relaxed, bar favorite.

The next track, “Prince of Nothing Charming” was released as a single more than a month before the album was. This song premiered on “One Tree Hill” on which Hilton plays the character of Chris Keller. This song tells the story about admiring the girl in his life and how, while she might feel insecure, he observes her imperfections. The lyrics of the catchy chorus are “you love like you wanted to fight/like you needed tonight/Baby it’s beautiful/Oh and you scream like a gun in the night/Yeah you’re starting a fight/It’s like you don’t know/Baby, you’re beautiful.”

“Loaded Gun” is the title of the third track and it too was featured on “One Tree Hill” before the album release. This is the first up-beat song on the record and brings a new energy to it.

Included in the album is a remake of Hilton’s “You’ll Ask For Me.” While not released on his first studio album or an EP, the original version of the song was released on the “One Tree Hill” soundtrack, “The Road Mix.”

With this new version, Hilton has a more mellow feel to it rather than the acoustic feel from the original. There is also an added banjo in this version, giving the song a more country sound.

The next track is titled “Jenny.” This song reminds me of Hilton’s earlier sound when “The Tracks of Tyler Hilton” was released. The song matches Hilton’s loose style as it, along with most of the remaining songs on this album, are at a relaxed pace.

The remaining five songs of the CD are “Can’t Stop Now,” “Ain’t No Fooling Me,” “Leave Him,” “I Belong” and “Hey Jesus.”

While this record only has 10 tracks and has been given a lot of hype from his fans, I wish there was more, even if that meant pushing back the release date. I also thought that some of Hilton’s unreleased songs like “Ain’t A Thing” could have made an appearance on the CD.

Being a fan who has seen one of Hilton’s live performances and had a conversation with him afterward, I had high hopes for this album and was only disappointed because there was not enough music to consume.

Anyone who enjoys listening to inspiring, relateable and relaxing music would like this record.