Committee continues to table city sticker discussion

Chris Wilcox
Staff writer

The Finance/Personnel Committee of Murray met tonight for discussion of the newly drafted city sticker ordinance.

This new city sticker ordinance would, if enacted, force every student of Murray State who lived in Murray, whether working or not, to purchase a city sticker at the pro-rated price of $36.35 within 30 days of starting residence in Murray. If a pro-rated sticker is not purchased the normal cost is $50.

If a citation is issued and the offending party decides not to contest the citation, the minimum fine to be assessed would be $100 and in addition to paying the fine, the offending party would be required to purchase the sticker.

Danny Hudspeth, chairman of the committee, said in reviewing state statutes the committee has come to the conclusion the exemption to students is unlawful.

The revised ordinance will make clear the sticker is a true licensing of any vehicle of Murray.

“An exemption is illegal,” Jason Pittman, committee member, said.

While discussing the revised ordinance, Jay Morgan, associate provost at the University and committee member, cited many inconsistencies when dealing with the rules addressed to students.

Morgan addressed issues in chapter 71 of ordinance 2012-1566, stating until corrections were made and inconsistencies addressed in 71.03, 71.04 and 71.07 of the revised ordinance would need to remain tabled.

Hudspeth ended the committee meeting stating the ordinance would remained tabled until a future date.