Murray Chamber of Commerce conducts survey

Graphic courtesy of the Murray Chamber of Commerce

Haley Russell
Assistant News Editor

Murray’s Chamber of Commerce conducted a survey last week for all of its members to evaluate the demographics of the Chamber’s members.

Lance Allison, Chamber of Commerce’s executive director, said the surveys are a way to gather information and to see what organizations are apart of the Chamber.

“The purpose of the survey, really is pretty simple,” he said. “We just want a snapshot of what our membership looks like.”

The results of the surveys show 37 out of the 114 survey participants have been apart of the Chamber less than five years.

Graphic courtesy of the Murray Chamber of Commerce

Of the responders, 35 percent employed less than five people.

The Chamber does not plan on using the surveys for anything other than a general knowledge of the different organizations and their progresses, Allison said.

“I think it does help us when we decide what our programming is,” he said. “We can’t function without all of our members.”

Allison said nothing changes for the Chamber of Commerce because the number of organizations who have participated in the survey is low with only 114 out of 700 filling it out.

“I think, probably…it kind of tells me that we’re about where I thought we were and we’re doing the things programming wise that’s getting all of our audience.

It is important to remember, Allison said, that not all of the organizations surveys were answered by owners. According to the Chamber’s compilation of information, only 38.5 percent of the responders were owners of the business or organization they were representing.

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