Special surgery unit makes stop in Murray

Chris Wilcox
Contributing writer

Photo courtesy of MCCH

An 85-foot tractor-trailer pulled into the parking lot of the Murray-Calloway County Hospital today, with an interesting set of technologies aboard.

The Covidien Innovation Tour arrived on the tractor-trailer to teach the latest minimally invasive techniques and technologies.

Aboard the trailer that expanded into a 1200-square foot training facility, were six operating stations which included three simulation labs, two laparoscopic towers and an endoscopic suturing station, Jamie Smith, surgical device specialist with Covidien, said.

Smith said the goal of the tour is to provide hands-on training for surgeons, nurses and technicians in the minimally invasive techniques.

One technology brought by Covidien was the SILS Port, a surgical product used by surgeons to perform minimally invasive surgeries through a single incision in the belly button.

Jill Asher, director of perioperative services with MCCH, said the SILS port; is one of the key elements brought by Covidien for learning purposes.

The SILS approach enables safer surgeries and faster recoveries.

“Our surgeons using the minimally invasive SILS Port have seen a lot of success, both in the procedure itself and in the recovery,” Asher said.

The event open to surgeons, nurses, technicians and students in the medical field was well received, Asher said.

“The tour gave me a sense of how intricate such procedures are, and the skill required to perform laparoscopic surgeries,” Hannah Wynstra, junior from Mayfield Ky., said.

Wynstra said she enjoyed testing her skills in the simulation lab and learning about the different technological capabilities out there.

The tractor-trailer stopped in Murray for the day and is now on its way to Louisville, Ky., for its next stop on its nationwide tour.

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