Another way to go

   The staff editorial is the majority opinion of the editorial board of The Murray State News.

The University is constantly expanding both across the region and internationally. Although a medium-sized school, the University is making strides to become a leader in international outreach and co-operation.
Certainly there is nothing wrong with trying to connect with potential sister universities around the world. Globalism is the next step in reaching the goals set out by the University.
It is also important the University  remember to keep up the good work domestically as well as internationally.
No matter how well we recruit from outside the country we must always remember here at home is where the majority of our students are from. Every student at this university is important. But nothing is as important as the quality of the education we receive. There seems to be a trend in higher education to replace the word education with the word profits. So long as the administration’s interest is in creating a better educational experience for its students and the students of partner schools there is no harm.
But when the numbers game supercedes the actual goal of the institution, students on both sides should be concerned. Domestic students should be worried about the direction of their chosen school and international students should be worried about the financial motives of the school they are visiting.
Too many times in this country  we think making an easy buck is more important than a well thought out, developed plan.
We are sure the University has not forgotten its mission and we certainly hope it never does.