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Core classes need a better system

Required core courses for undergraduate degrees total 20-23 hours at Murray State. The purpose of general education requirements is to shape students into well-rounded individuals with cultivated perspectives and capabilities. Yet, required courses might not always be as beneficial as intended. Bundled with complex advantages and disadvantages, core classes are thoroughly debated. Determining the origin Read More

Murray’s Family Video set to close

The local Family Video will permanently close its doors. Since it opened, Family Video effortlessly matched Murray’s atmosphere: comforting and family friendly. Families love the familiarity of strolling through aisles and browsing through the many different genres of movies, TV shows and video games. An official closing date for Family Video is not yet confirmed. Read More

Addressing Poverty in Murray

        Poverty is a universal problem; while it is more visible on a global scale, it is present in Murray as well. In 2015, all 193 member states of the United Nations aimed to end poverty and hunger by passing the Sustainable Development Goals. The aim of the agreed 17 goals was Read More

Dead Week is fake news

As finals week approaches and the panic of possible bad grades sets in, students are hitting the books. Something that might ease the stress of finals would be Dead Week, a week of utter nothingness on campus, giving students the peace and quiet they need to study and work on their final papers and projects. Read More

Board of Regents approves tuition increase

Board of Regents approves tuition increase     The Board of Regents recently approved tuition, housing and dining cost increases for the 2019-20 school year.     Murray State tuition will increase by 1 percent, coming to 42 extra tuition dollars per semester for in-state students and $126 for out-of-state students. Housing fees will get a 2 Read More

LGBT office expands Safe Zone training

LGBTQ issues have been a controversial topic for decades now; Safe Zones have given more comfort to a community that seems to be under constant fire. In the past, faculty who’ve gone through the Safe Zone training haven’t had too much required of them. It was like in high school when you sat through one Read More

Women will always stand out

With the passing of March, Women’s History Month draws to a close, sticking the excited babble around feminism back in the closet until next year when March rolls around again. As much as the world talks a big game about equality, we are failing epicly at making that into a simple truth. From scientific discoveries Read More

The world revolves around STEM, or does it?

Murray State will once again be separating the theatre and global language departments. In 2017, the department of modern languages and the department of theatre arts merged due to low enrollment. As the student population of language and theatre majors rose, more opportunities were being limited and taken from the students due to the combination Read More