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Campus Voice: Living in resistance

I felt shock, sadness and a strong sense of helplessness when I tuned into WPSD Local 6 on Tuesday, Feb. 12, and heard the news about the racist parody Twitter…

Campus Voice: No room for intolerance at Murray State

Recent incidents have caused us to reflect on how to handle issues of race and intolerance on campus. The recent use of Twitter to promote bigotry and intolerance has many…

Campus Voice: Women need to be taken seriously

Everyone knows that women can’t drive … … When they aren’t in a car. Otherwise, they are provided that same opportunity to earn their license. To say that they are…

Campus Voice: On science, secularism, chuckling

One occasionally comes across a deposit of such misunderstanding and bad logic, coupled with sweeping hauteur and spin-doctoring, that it merits not a “token response,” but an outright decrying. Such…

Campus Voice: Faith, religion have important role to play

Supreme Court Justice Hugo Black, writing for the majority in the 1962 case Engel v. Vitale, said “the history of man is inseparable with the history of religion.” America is…

Campus voice: Facts, not faith should dominate decisions made in D.C.

P.Z. Myers, a prominent and outspoken speaker and blogger in the rapidly growing secular non-belief movement gave a rousing and informative lecture on the conflict of religion and science Monday…

Campus voice: As times change, so do challenges

When I was asked by The News to write a column regarding the current presidential campaign, my first thought was the line “Fools rush in where angels fear to tread”…

Murray politics matter

Last semester, the city of Murray moved forward with a decision requiring Murray State students to purchase city stickers for their vehicles. The cost associated with buying a city sticker…

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