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Centershots: Remembering Thomas

Sophie McDonald Sports Editor On Oct. 2, 2010, Scott McGurk got a call that would forever change his life. His son, Murray State freshman baseball player Thomas McGurk, had been killed in a car wreck on Johnny Robertson Road in Calloway County. Thomas, a Medina, Ohio, native, received a scholarship to pitch on the ‘Breds Read More

Open Mouth, Insert Football: Here come the supers

Ben Morrow Sports columnist Don’t look now, but super conferences are forming in the NCAA, paving the way for a pseudo-playoff system in football on the FBS level. On the heels of Sunday’s report that Syracuse and Pittsburgh will leave the dwindling Big East to become the 13th and 14th teams in the ACC, respectively, serious Read More

Open Mouth, Insert Football: What’s that, Hank?

Ben Morrow Sports columnist “Why yes, I am ready for some football. Thanks for asking.” (Disclaimer: I stole that line from my Facebook buddy, Garrett Gilkey, but it perfectly embodies my sentiments.) For two weeks my 27-inch dummy box has been the place I get my fix of helmets cracking, crowds screaming and college kids Read More