Cross country teams make a run for it

Carly Besser Staff writer With the summer scorch leaving Murray State, fall weather brings the cross country team back into the picture. The men’s team kicked off the 2011 season at the Memphis Twilight Classic in Memphis, Tenn., where they finished 21st place out of 22. “Because it’s the start of the season, we have Read More

Open Mouth, Insert Football: What’s that, Hank?

Ben Morrow Sports columnist “Why yes, I am ready for some football. Thanks for asking.” (Disclaimer: I stole that line from my Facebook buddy, Garrett Gilkey, but it perfectly embodies my sentiments.) For two weeks my 27-inch dummy box has been the place I get my fix of helmets cracking, crowds screaming and college kids Read More

Athlete Spotlight: Roderick Tomlin

Kyra Ledbetter Staff writer The first time he tried out for a football team his only tennis shoes were a pair of Chuck Taylor’s. Now, five years later, offensive lineman Roderick Tomlin starts every game for the Racers and hopes to continue for as long as he can. Initially his parents, especially his mother, were Read More

Recreational sports create camaraderie

Sophie McDonald Sports Editor College sports are not just for varsity athletes. With the dawn of a new school year, intramurals are just around the corner. Offering a release from the pressures of class work, the quietness of the library and the shadows of missed opportunities on the athletic fields of yesteryear, intramurals open the Read More

Top #Racer tweets

1. @cal_e, callie rezek The reason Walker Texas Ranger got cancelled was because they found a new superhero. #randydunn #racers 2. @julieann10, Julie Keller Love this rain! Productive morning + football + windows open= AWESOME nap. #racers & @NealBradley on the radio, finish strong #racers!

Family weekend, home opener arrives

Ed Marlowe Staff writer The Racers allowed 21 points in what was a heart-wrenching first half against Louisville. However, for the 103 minutes of play after the last Louisville point was scored, no opponent has come close to tacking up points. Murray State beat Mississippi Valley State Saturday to the tune of 39-0 in which Read More

Open Mouth, Insert Football: The shot heard ‘round New York

Ben Morrow Sports columnist I remember Sept. 11. No other date on the calendar embodies an emotional response like this date. Our grandparents had Dec. 7, 1941, the day the Pearl Harbor attack ushered America into the bloodiest war in the history of the world. Our parents had Nov. 22, 1963, the day President John Read More