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­Murray State senior wins marathon in Baton Rouge

December 6, 2012 Features

Brittlyn Sosh, senior from Evansville, Ind., ran in a marathon in Baton Rouge, La., last Saturday and won first place. This was her second time completing a marathon. || Photo courtesy of Brittlyn Sosh

Some people enjoy reading. Some people enjoy eating. Some people enjoy lounging on the couch with a video game controller glued to their palm. Brittlyn Sosh, senior from Evansville, Ind., enjoys running.

Most beginning runners look into the Couch-to-5K plan or simple fun runs like the Color Run. Sosh, who has been running as a hobby for almost a year, completed her second marathon in Baton Rouge, La., last Saturday.

With a time of three hours, 27 minutes, a minute slower than her personal record, Sosh took first place female at the Baton Rouge marathon. Explaining that the course was tougher than the course from her first marathon, Sosh said she was still happy with the time despite her personal goal of beating her record. She also said she was excited to win the Baton Rouge Style trophy, a giant flask. … Continue Reading

Students practice performance art on campus

November 1, 2012 Features

Poi, an ancient, often unrecognized, style of performance art, has recently been introduced to Murray State’s campus.

Poi is the art of swinging and spinning tethered weights in a variety of rhythmic and geometric patterns. The patterns may be arranged into a fluid dance that can also be accompanied by drumming, music or singing. … Continue Reading

Dance company allows student to reach goals

April 12, 2012 Features

Lidia Vazquez/The News

Kristin Knabel has been dancing her whole life. There is one thing that makes her stand out from any other dancer: she’s in a wheelchair. Due to the birth defect spina bifida, Knabel is paralyzed from the waist down.

Karen Balzer, the artistic director of the Jackson Purchase Dance Company, allowed Knabel to continue dancing and expand use of the abilities she has.

“Only once have I worked with a young man that was in a wheelchair and then it really clicked with me,” Balzer said. “We provide a lot of opportunities for students K-12, but once they graduate high school, there is nothing at the University level for young adults.”

The weekend Knabel was visiting Murray State, the Jackson Purchase Dance Company was having their seasonal performance. Balzer invited Knabel and her mother to come to the performance and meet her. Knabel immediately enrolled in one of Balzer’s dance classes.

Balzer works with students in nine schools throughout the region. Balzer encouraged Knabel not only to enroll in her classes, but also to become a member with the dance company.

Since first enrolling in Balzer’s dance classes, Knabel’s dancing has improved.

“When Kristen first came to me, she used to slouch down in her chair,” Balzer said. “When she first started dancing, she was dancing down in her hips and if you want to strengthen your abs you’ve got to lift up and that’s what I started making her do.”

Balzer said Knabel’s levels of stretch and movement have improved as well as her learning abilities. … Continue Reading

Student fashion designer competes in Birmingham contest

February 23, 2012 Features


Greg Johnson/The News

Allyson Putman
Staff writer

With no fashion program or even a mall shopping center, Murray is not known for being the fashion capitol of the world. However, it is home to one of 22 finalists in the Emerging Designers Competition for the 2012 Birmingham Fashion Week.

Meaghan Pierce, senior from Owensboro, Ky., is a first time competitor in the show, but said she has been designing clothes since high school.

As a high school junior, Pierce was given a sewing machine by her grandparents after toying around with her mother’s machine, using it to recreate old curtains and various odds and ends for her mother.

As for her first actual clothing piece, however, she decided to take a big leap and create her own senior prom dress.

After achieving success with the evening gown, Pierce moved on to designing everyday clothes for herself.

“I would see things in the movies that I really liked or find a material that inspired me and just create it,” she said. … Continue Reading

Student participates in statewide modeling competition

February 2, 2012 Features


Nate Brelsford/The News

Savannah Sawyer
Assistant Features Editor

Milan, Paris and New York are the fashion capitals of the world. Murray, Ky., wouldn’t normally make the top 100 but Hannah Jarvis, senior from Owensboro, Ky., is working single handedly to change just that.

Jarvis, who has been modeling since June, is taking part in a modeling competition for a spread or cover in Herscene Magazine’s April Derby Edition. The winner is determined by how many Likes they receive for her photo posted on the Herscene Facebook page.

“It’s a Louisville based magazine and it’s fashion and just stuff for women basically,” Jarvis said of the magazine.

The fashion industry is far from recognizing Murray, Ky., as a fashion capital but Louisville is well on its way, making the task of being taken seriously as a model a more difficult feat for Jarvis.

“Murray is impossible but Louisville is expanding and trying to bring fashion,” Jarvis said. “I think they’re planning their first fashion week in October of next year. No one cares about it here. Louisville is pretty much the smallest big city that’s fashion minded.”

Being relatively new to the modeling industry, this is Jarvis’ first experience in a modeling competition.

“I did not know it was going to be a competition,” she said. “I went for an audition and found out about it online. My mom had found it because she was on their website and had seen pictures. But this is my first competition. I’ve gone for auditions but they’ve pretty much been pass or fail.”

Jarvis wasn’t always set on becoming a model, feeling that it wasn’t for her. … Continue Reading

Students take month-long novel writing challenge

November 10, 2011 Features

Paige Graves
Staff writer

Jordie Oetken/The News

Write 50,000 words in one month. That is the challenge of National Novel Writing Month (NaNoWriMo), and it is one not everyone will take. Producing a novel before the clock strikes midnight on Nov. 30 can be a writer’s worst nightmare, but Nicole Tuberty has stepped up to the challenge – and not for the first time.

Tuberty, junior from St. Louis, Mo., is a creative writing major and has been participating in NaNoWriMo since 2006. Tuberty said it’s a good way to get a first draft of a novel going, and that an entire community of writers come together from around the world to offer encouragement. Though there is not a prize for the self-driven challenge, participants receive a certificate if they finish in time.

“I first heard about NaNoWriMo when I was a freshman in high school,” Tuberty said. “I tried it in 2006 and failed miserably because I had no idea what I was getting myself into. For some reason I decided I would try again in 2007, and I got a really great story written, and I’ve participated and ‘won’ every year since then. I can’t even imagine what it would be like to have a November that didn’t include this crazy challenge.” … Continue Reading

Student writes original pop/rock musical

November 3, 2011 Features

Charlotte Kyle
Features Editor

Charlotte Kyle/The News

What started as a 10-minute musical in the form of a class project has transformed over the course of three-and-a-half years, evolving into a two-hour, 18-song musical.

Aaron Krueger, senior from Campbell Hall, N.Y., wrote the music, lyrics and book for the production, a task he describes as “an undertaking, but a lot of fun.”

Inspired by his own love of theater and the lack of contemporary pop/rock musicals performed in this area, Krueger decided it was time to breathe life into his musical. He said he finished the script over the summer before approaching Sock ‘n’ Buskin about performing it on campus.

He said he hopes the production will open audience’s eyes to other types of musical theaters.

“When people think of musical theater they think of Rodgers and Hammerstein, they think of ‘Cinderella’ and stuff like that,” Krueger said. “With a lot of the musicals that are coming out lately – like ‘Next to Normal’ and ‘American Idiot’ – they’re complete rock scores. They’re musicals that speak to a wider range of people because suddenly you have music that people would listen to on the radio and you’re telling a story through that.” … Continue Reading

Juggling Act: Student displays juggling talent across community

October 27, 2011 Features

Anna Taylor
Assistant Features Editor

Melissa Ruhlman/The News

Zach Metzler, junior from Solon, Iowa, juggles almost everyday. What began as a spontaneous activity for him soon became his favorite hobby.

Metzler has been juggling since 2009. He said he would go to class at his previous college in Iowa and see the same man juggling. Metzler soon learned the man juggling on his campus was a professional juggler who would later act as a mentor to him.

“I later kind of met up with him,” Metzler said after noticing Doug Sayers juggle on campus. “He did entertainment and my girlfriend was working at a coffeehouse and they were looking for entertainment so I talked to him about that and he kind of inspired me to start juggling.” … Continue Reading

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