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Lavender Blond: Fashion Collaborations

December 6, 2012 Columns, Features, Features Columns
Maison Martin Margiela with H&M


Being a fashion loving college student, I’m always looking for a great deal on trendy clothes. I love high end clothing but it usually just happens to be thousands of dollars out of my price range. This is what makes collaborations so great. When high end designers collaborate with department stores you get to look and feel luxe without going completely broke. Here are the two collaborations that I am currently ecstatic about.

Lavender Blond: Christmas Wish List

November 29, 2012 Features, Features Columns
Christmas Wish List
With Christmas just around the corner it’s time to make those Holiday wish lists. The older I get the more I realize I care about quality over lots of small gifts. So this year I would be happy (and eternally grateful) for just one of these beautiful pieces on my list. Number one is a deep red leather-like material jacket that rings in just under a hundred dollars. This beautiful coat would pair exquisitely with number three on my list. This jacket is a staple and adds a rocker edge to the most feminine ensembles.Second on the list is a Juicy Couture faux fur infinity scarf. At $88.00 the scarf is a timeless accessory with authentic appeal at a fraction of the price. Karla Deras nailed it here with her sporty glamour look. … Continue Reading

Lavender Blond: Beauty Trends

November 15, 2012 Columns, Features, Features Columns


I am a bit beauty obsessed and am currently dying to try all of these current trends. 

The first look in this Polyvore set is the caviar nail. To achieve the three dimensional nail art, you first apply two coats of a base polish in any color. I recommend white nail polish with clear beads. It’s so modern and clean! Once your nail polish is tacky and not completely dry, layer on the beads until they fit your nail perfectly. Be sure to put a good quality top coat to ensure they stick. You don’t have to buy Ciate brand to get the look. Any craft store should carry tiny glass micro beads for a fraction of the cost. If doing all of your nails is overwhelming, try it first with just your ring fingers. This is a great temporary trend that is sure to get you compliments. … Continue Reading

Lavender Blond: Cozy Winter Style

November 8, 2012 Columns, Features, Features Columns


Winter weather is one of the more difficult seasons to dress for but can actually be done with a few affordable staple items. The Polyvore sets above are some trendy examples of cozy ways to dress for frigid temperatures without the Uggs and leggings.

Thick gray wool skinny pants are versatile enough for spring but look especially great paired with black knee high boots. Add a colorful coat and mustard bag to add some contrast. An interesting modern approach to winter dressing is a neutral shift dress with a black cape and sky high black bootie stilettos. Add warm opaque tights and aviators for a cool vibe. … Continue Reading

Lavender Blond: School Street Style

October 26, 2012 Columns, Features, Features Columns

Me: Lindsey Summers

My favorite aspect of fashion is that there are no rules. You can experiment with patterns and textures and really showcase your personality. I especially love classic cuts and quirky prints. I have worn these polka dot pants with bright thick sweaters and thin summery blouses like this yellow one. They are incredibly versatile and the high waist makes them flattering. … Continue Reading

Lavender Blond: Sporty Chic

October 18, 2012 Columns, Features, Features Columns
I almost always prefer a floral to anything that resembles an athletic activity or the term “sporty.” But after seeing the always timeless Karla Deras, rocking a nike sweatshirt with a skin tight midi length black skirt, my opinion completely changed. I have since been inspired by all the looks shown above. I adore the sporty shorts paired with a black blouse and heels with pops of neon. A combo I never thought would look so chic.The metallic puffer with flats and jeans exudes class with a black turtleneck and chanel bag.
My favorite set is the neon dress with an athletic grey coat. Trendy sneakers have been spotted with everything from glittery sequins to girly prints. It lends an effortless cool vibe to any outfit and an added level of comfort. Another one of my favorite bloggers is Julie at Sincerely, Jules. She has the sporty style down pat. You can try pairing tribal blouses with torn blue jean shorts and Marant sneakers, like Julie’s, for a unique spin on the look. She piles on the accessories keeping the look from becoming stale. You can try wearing a baseball T-shirt layered with a parka and white jeans. Add heels or opt for tennis shoes.
… Continue Reading

Lavender Blond: Mixing prints and textures

October 11, 2012 Columns, Features, Features Columns
mixing prints and textures

Print mixing and texture layering can add outfit options and an edgy contrast to to your everyday style. It’s a skill that takes honing, but once mastered can refresh everyday essentials such as the striped sweater. A basic sweater looks effortless and casual when worn with a pastel knee length skirt. The bold dark stripes are ideal with a small busy floral print. Wearing two large prints is tricky and can look too cluttered. I love a thick nubby sweater with a breezy chiffon skirt. Break out your black opaque tights and booties and you have yourself a fall staple Next, we have brocade. One of my favorite styles that adds a sense of old Hollywood elegance. When paired with a rust toned satin skinny pant the look is instantly modernized. This is perfect for when you need to look a bit dressier than normal. My final set is an orange red peplum blouse with leopard print bow belt paired with blue j.crew plaid pants. This look is not for the faint at heart but can look so chic if pulled off correctly. Pair with a leather bomber, subtle jewelry, and sky high heels to take you from day to night.

Blog by Lindsey Summers, Staff blogger.

Lavender Blond: Career Woman

October 2, 2012 Columns, Features, Features Columns

When prepping for the career fair or an important interview, “safe” dressing is usually expected. However, a boring suit can look drab and cause you to blend in with the crowd. A vibrant shift dress accompanied by a blazer can look professional and add personality. In creative fields especially, the dress can be a little more edgy. Shift dresses exude class and confidence. Let the dress be the focal point. Be certain it is knee length and paired with subtle accessories. Lose the black pantsuits and opt for a sophisticated dress accompanied with an exceptional resume. You’ll be certain to leave a lasting impression.

Blog by Lindsey Summers, Staff blogger.
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