MSU Dance Company performs spring showcase

Ciara Benham

Staff writer

Photo by Richard Thompson/The News

Jump, jive and wail? Pop, lock and drop? The Murray State Dance Company did it all at their spring showcase.

On April 26 and 27, the Murray State Dance Company performed two shows for their spring showcase. The showcase titled “I Wanna Dance With Somebody” spotlighted a variety of dance styles and genres.

Dance Company President Samantha Wells, senior from Memphis, Tennessee, was very proud of her fellow dancers.

“I think the showcase went better than I could’ve imagined!” Wells said. “Everyone did such a great job!”

The dancers have been preparing for their show since the fall semester. The dance company held auditions in September and the dancers have been working hard at weekly practices since.

Sophomore Lindsey Hunter, Dance Company President for the upcoming fall semester, attested to the work the dancers put into their shows.

“We spent the year working diligently to prepare the program,” Hunter said. “I am highly pleased with the quality that was achieved.”

The shows consisted of 18 performances including groups, duets, solos and an appearance from the Murray State Steppers. All the dances were choreographed by members of the dance company.

Rose Bowman, dance company co-president, choreographed both the K-pop and closing dances. She said choreographing the students isn’t always an easy task, but it paid off in the end. 

“I think the dancers all improved in following directions of the choreographers,” Bowman said. “At the beginning it was hard to really control everyone.”

Hunter also choreographed pieces for the show and felt a sense of pride from seeing her dances come together.

“My favorite part of the show was seeing the progress that the dancers in the pieces I choreographed accomplished,” Hunter said. “I’m proud of everyone’s performance in company but after spending the year working with my dancers, I am especially proud of their performance and our final product.”

The audience was thoroughly entertained throughout the show and could tell how much fun the performers were having. Each of the dancers had a great time and talked about some of their favorite moments.

“My favorite part was just dancing alongside all of you and making my senior year such a great a experience!” Wells said.

The magic wasn’t just happening on stage for the members; they had fun backstage as well.

“My favorite part of the shows would have to be the backstage mayhem and little side jokes that all the company shared during our two seconds of downtime,” Bowman said.

The dance company will start preparing for their next showcase in August under their new officers. The company announced that Lindsey Hunter will be their new president, Rose Bowman will be co-president and Jesus Lara, a freshman from Benton, Kentucky, will be vice president.

“As president next year, I’m looking forward to growing the program and increasing our outreach,” Hunter said. “We are always looking to recruit new dancers and to spread the joy and expression of dance with others. I am excited to see where the program goes next year.”