Shaffer Coffee Co. offers atmosphere and quality coffee

Story by Nick Erickson, Assistant Features Editor

Photo courtesy of Brock Kirk/The News

Between the hustle of awakening for a dreaded 8 a.m. class and late night study sessions in Waterfield Library, it’s no surprise students become easily drained throughout the school year. With a soft opening preceding last semester’s finals week, Shaffer Coffee Co. is officially open and ready to perk up the spirit of the new year.

With its unique industrial aesthetic, cinder blocks and the smell of coffee beans emanating out onto the streets, Murray natives Mike and Kellie Harlan’s Shaffer Coffee Co. has already gathered the city’s attention in a relatively short timespan.

Kyle Morgan, barista at Shaffer, said that opening during finals week made for a hectic first week of business. Though things settled a bit after finals had ended, Morgan said it didn’t take long for business to pick back up again.

“As word of a new coffee shop in Murray spread, a lot of locals began to pour in after the college students left,” Morgan said.

Leah Hecht, barista at Shaffer, said with the growing business, the staff has anticipated the beginning of the semester.

“Business has kept us on our toes, but I can’t wait for the college kids to come and fill the tables,” Hecht said.

With other local coffee shops like 5th and Main and chain offerings such as Dunkin Donuts within the same vicinity, Shaffer Coffee Co. is offering a diverse menu to appeal and cater to everyone’s preferences.

The menu includes a variety of lattes, cappuccinos and drip coffees.  Macchiatos are 3 oz, cappuccinos are 6 oz, and lattes are 12 oz, with the main difference in size being the amount of milk used in preparation.

For those who enjoy a colder variety, cold brew and iced coffee is an option. Anyone wanting an extra dose of wake-up can get espresso drinks made to order.

“We do pour overs,” Morgan said. “It’s essentially a slower, more precise way of making black coffee, one cup at a time.”

Morgan said a big hit with customers lately has been the honey cinnamon latte, in addition to another recognizable seasonal drink.

“We have an Almond Joy Latte just like the candy bar,” Morgan said. “It consists of almond, coconut milk, chocolate, whipped cream and coconut shavings.”

To anyone with indifference to coffee, the shop offers seven different teas to choose from.

“We have two types of green teas, a black tea, two chai teas and an earl grey tea,” Morgan said.

In order to both create a bond with the community and provide the best possible ingredients, Morgan said the shop meticulously uses as many local suppliers for the shop as possible.

“We even go as far as to get farm fresh milk from right here in Kentucky,” Morgan said.

Kait Greer, barista at Shaffer, said the shop will have many new additions in the upcoming months.

“We plan on having a reward system to keep up with points,” Greer said. “Additionally, we plan on also offering small food down the road like soup and salad.”

Brianna Jones, graduate student from Louisville, Kentucky said she likes going to Shaffer Coffee because of the atmosphere.

“It just feels comfortable and homey enough for you to study and get work done while you sip on quality coffee.”

Shaffer Coffee Co. is located at 404 Fourth Street on Shaffer Square in Murray. The coffee shop has regular operating hours of 6:30 a.m. to 6 p.m. 

For additional information regarding hours and special offers, follow Shaffer Coffee on their Facebook page. Then stop by and see where the magic happens.