‘Crazy for You’ fuels the fire for theatre students

Story by Nick Erickson, Assistant Features Editor

Photo courtesy of Roger Hogue

The Tony-award-winning musical “Crazy for You” premiered on campus earlier this month where the talent Murray State College of Humanity and Fine Arts theater department was demonstrated through song, dance and passion.

The production from November 16-19 in the Robert E. Johnson Theatre and was supported by versatile cast as well as pit orchestra musical accompaniment led by the Murray State Department of Music.

The musical tells the story of a Bobby Child, New York banker with a passion for dancing and continually auditions for roles at the Zangler Theatre. After being sent to investigate a customer in Nevada, who owns the local theater, he falls in love with the customer’s daughter, Polly Baker. Bobby conjures a plan in hopes of saving the theatre and in doing so, unites both the New Yorkers and coalminers of Nevada.

The cast’s preparation for the musical was a rigorous three month endeavor, lasting everyday until 10 p.m. with the exception of Wednesdays. The process was split up between music rehearsals, where cast learned the music for the show. The cast then moved onto dance rehearsals and ended with which constructing everything together with staging.

Tristan Houser, sophomore from Mount Vernon, Illinois portrayed the character of Wyatt. Houser said said he prepared an audition consisting of “one minute of song and one minute of monologue.”

“We had rehearsal every day for roughly three hours and did different things each day including choreography and singing,” Houser said. “Everyone put in a lot of hard work and it showed during the performance.”

Houser said his favorite aspect of performing is “getting into” whatever character he’s portraying.

“I love how when I’m on stage I can be someone else and take on their persona,” Houser said. “It’s a really freeing experience.”

Macy Betz, junior theater major from Evansville, Indiana’s role as Tess marked her first performance at Murray State.

Betz said the musical was an enlightening experience to partake in.

“It was wonderful getting to work with such an amazing group of people,” Betz said. “I love everyone!”

Livi Kathleen, senior music education major from Graves County, Kentucky took on the lead role and Child’s love interest Polly.

Kathleen said her favorite part of the performance was learning the tap dance segments incorporated.

“The dancing in this show was absolutely the hardest I’ve ever had to learn for a show but it was totally worth it,” Kathleen said.

For those who missed the performance or are interested in upcoming performances, the theater department has big plans for the new year.

Frances Goodrich and Albert Hackett’s “The Diary of Anne Frank” premieres February 20-24 in the Wilson Studio Theatre.

In addition, Qui Nguyen’s “She Kills Monsters” will premiere April 26-28 in the Robert E. Johnson Theatre.