Students and staff reveal favorite study snacks


Story by Sydni Anderson, Staff writer

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Flipping textbook pages and hastily pecking away at laptop keyboards is a college activity that most dread. Thankfully, there is a common past time that most can agree adds a little flavor to the experience: vegging out and eating a favorite snack.

Shelby Grimm, freshman from Boonville, Indiana said when she’s studying for a test or writing an essay, she tends to want snacks that are either healthy or on the sweeter side.

“My go-to snack is apples with peanut butter,” she said. “When I’m in the mood for something salty, I typically reach for some saltine crackers.”

Grimm said she typically eats on campus at Winslow, the T-room and Starbooks.

Hayden Gerard, junior from Wingo, Kentucky said he likes a large Americano black coffee from Dunkin’ Donuts or the library if he’s in a pinch. He unwraps a Cliff bar when he’s cramming for a test. However, since coming to college, Gerard said he has had to try new foods.

“Last night I tried cracking an egg in my ramen,” Gerard said. “It wasn’t half bad.”

He said he likes to eat the patty melts at the T-room on campus. But off campus, he said Cook Out is the go-to.

Kyndal Morris, sophomore from Somerset, Kentucky said Goldfish crackers are her snack of choice. She said she’s also made a snack of crackers and cream cheese and her off-campus meal trips are to familiar fast food chains.

“I go to McDonalds a lot, actually,” Morris said.

When stocking up on food at Wal-Mart, Morris grabs some Diet Mountain Dew.

Murray State English professor William “Rusty” Jones said his go-to snack while grading papers and writing lesson plans is pistachios. To drink, he mixes in some cream and sugar in his tea. Like the students on campus, Jones said he stops by Starbooks.

Most of the time, I am racing between classes or meetings, so I go to the library and grab a sandwich and an apple,” Jones said. “Starbooks is great since who has the time to sit down at Winslow or at the Thoroughbred Cafe? Although I wish I had the time to frequent those places; I’d probably eat healthier if I did.”

Jones said he judges his off-campus meals by his time available to eat.

“In a hurry: Burrito Shack. Bit more time available: Wild Mountain Bakery. Time to sit down: Willow Bistro or Dumplin’s. Bit more time to sit down: Tap 216. Won the lottery and looking to splurge: The Alley,” Jones said.

Jones said he went to college in Los Angeles but like most college students he was broke.

“My friends and I would do the cheap after-midnight trifecta of Tommy’s LA Chili Burgers, Los Burritos, and/or Beef Bowl,” Jones said. “I suppose, when I had a little money, I’d eat Armenian food at a place called Burger Continental in Pasadena; on Friday’s they’d have Belly Dancers performing.”

But, like most, Jones said his four years as an undergraduate were fueled by cheap, quick and convenient meals: Top Ramen and tuna fish.