Rock-solid savings: Local businesses offer discounts through hidden rocks

Story by Amy Turner, Staff writer

Photo courtesy of Nick Bohannan / The News

Everyone seems to have heard of the kindness rock movement that is sweeping the nation and most recently campuses, locally known as Murray Rocks. Martha’s Restaurant along with a handful of other local businesses, are putting a new twist on the beloved painted pebbles that will make you wallet happy.

Martha’s Restaurant, located at 12th St. in  Murray is advertised as the go-to place for home cooking.

Clark Feckter, junior from Franklin, Kentucky said he often goes to eat at the establishment .

“It is a God-sent of a place,” Feckter said.

The restaurant decided to add extra joy to the rock hunt experience by offering discounts to anyone who finds their painted  rocks and brings them in. On the back of the rock, there is a discount that varies from rock to rock.

Colby Donelson, co-owner of Martha’s Restaurant said once you decide to redeem your discount, you simply bring the rock with you to dine and give it to your waiter. They will then collect the rock to be hidden for another person to be pleasantly surprised with a discount. The rocks can be found hidden in several different locations all around town such as at banks, gas stations and the park. There are ten rocks in total waiting to be found.

“Some of them have free desserts, some are dollars off it just depends on what rock you find,” Donelson said. 

Martha’s Restaurant announced the rock bargains on Facebook on Oct. 12. but they aren’t the only ones painting rocks and giving away discounts.

Bahama Bucks, a shaved ice and smoothie bar in Murray, had a promotion over the summer that allowed anyone who found their rocks could receive a free small shaved ice called a baby Sno. On Aug. 13 of this year, Bahama Bucks announced that bringing in one of their rocks will leave the treasure hunter with a $10 gift certificate. Since the summer, Bahama Bucks has updated their rock policies, which can be found on their Facebook page.

If home cooking and shaved ice aren’t your thing, Pagliai’s Pizza of Murray is also giving away $10 dollar gift certificates to anyone who finds their pizza-themed rocks. Pagliai’s is a pizza and pasta restaurant located beside Bahama Bucks.

Ryley Kimmel, sophomore from Anna Illinois said she thinks this is a great idea for students.

“It will help freshmen get off campus and explore the area.” Kimmel said.

Feckter agreed, saying he enjoys the idea and the extra motivation to get people active and looking around Murray.