Murray State grad pushes others to reach their full potential

Story by Amy Turner, Contributing writer

Photo courtesy of Brittany Burress

In May of 2017, Brittany Burress graduated from Murray State with her bachelor’s degree. Today, she works as personal trainer at Mega Gym right here in Murray, where she trains and coaches students into their best possible shape.

Hired in January, Burress used her degree almost immediately to start helping others. She has a bootcamp that she leads, one-on-one sessions and even budget friendly, online courses to help college students get into shape. This online training program is called Silver Sneaker and is cheaper than other training options offered to students.

Before being hired at the gym, Burress began training some of her Alpha Omicron Pi sisters and she was there when they began to see results. Burress said this really boosted her confidence and helped her make connections.

“I like helping people become better versions of themselves,” Burress said.

According to Burress, Mega Gym is the place to go when looking for a way to become a better version of yourself. She stated that working out has a lot to do with the environment and people you surround yourself with.

“Mega Gym and the community of girls is super supportive,” Burress said.

One girl that Burress works with is McKenzie Bradley, junior from Murray. They work out together twice a week.

Bradley said she met Buress in high school and has continued to work with her during her college career.

“My favorite part about working with Brittany is that she emphasizes being strong, not skinny,” Bradley said. “Rather than focusing on losing weight, she says to look at your muscle growth, body fat percentage and the way you feel about yourself based on your energy levels.” Bradley said.

Prices for a one-on-one session with Burress vary depending on the length of time you plan to work out. The eight week option is $360 and the sixteen week option is $640. There is an existing payment option to pay half of the cost up front and the rest of the cost during the middle/halfway point in your sessions. The bootcamp usually cost around $120.

According to Mega Gym’s website, the gym’s goal is to help the Western Kentucky community  achieve a healthier lifestyle for everyone, at all fitness levels. Bradley said Burress meets this standard.

“She motivates you and pushes you to be the best you can possibly be,” Bradley said.

Mega Gym is located at 1105 Keeper’s Way in Murray. For more information, those interested can go to the Mega Gym site. Brittany’s business cards are available at the gym or she can be contacted by email for any personal training inquiries.