Southern Soul supports up-and-coming business

Rhiannon Branch/The News

Story by Destinee Marking, Staff writer 

For one small business in Murray, supporting local talent and building friendships with fellow business owners is valued.

Southern Soul Boutique on the court square in downtown Murray is now selling handmade decorative items from The Frosted Farmhouse, as well as supporting the business on social media.

“As soon as we saw their booth at Trends N Treasures we knew that Marni’s style fit in perfect with Southern Soul,” an Instagram post by Southern Soul read. “There is so much time, effort and love put into each piece and that’s what makes every piece so unique!”

Marni and Shane Ausenbaugh started The Frosted Farmhouse nearly six months ago, creating and selling home decor and custom items. The business started with one question:

“I’d come up with something and I’d ask my husband, ‘Can you build that?’” Marni said.

They make and sell custom items and home decor, such as paintings, wall pieces and “spindle sticks,” which are repurposed old chairs and tables made to look like decorative pieces. They also make tables and lamps from items like barn wood and radios. Marni describes these pieces as “modern farmhouse.”

As a business owner, Marni said she loves making her clients’ houses feel like home, while also building relationships with them.

“In our day and age, it’s important for girls to be able to connect. It doesn’t matter what age,” Marni said.

The day Southern Soul Boutique posted about The Frosted Farmhouse on Instagram, Marni said many college girls were liking the post and visiting her page in return. She said she is proud to market to young women getting ready to decorate their first homes.

For now, Marni and Shane said they are not interested in owning their own brick and mortar store because Shane already manages his own business, and Marni values time at home. Instead, other businesses sell The Frosted Farmhouse items in their stores.

Shane Ausenbaugh said he did not have high expectations when they started the business, but he is excited about how many shops are calling them wanting to sell their items.

“It’s amazing how it’s taking off,” Shane said.

Nine stores throughout Tennessee, Illinois and Kentucky sell their items. Stores in Kentucky include Trends N Treasures, Katie J’s and 2 Chicks & A Farmer. In addition to other businesses selling their items, Marni is working on perfecting The Frosted Farmhouse Etsy shop, so people can order items online.

Marni and Shane are hosting an open house for The Frosted Farmhouse on Nov. 4 from 10 a.m. to 3 p.m. at their home located in Mayfield, Kentucky.