Chick-fil-A plans fall through

Photo courtesy of Flickr

Story by Destinee Marking, Staff writer 

Contrary to the discussion started last spring, a Chick-fil-A restaurant will not be built on Murray State’s campus.

“Recent discussions with Chick-fil-A representatives have indicated that Murray is not currently in their market model,” said Shawn Touney, director of communication.

In March, Paula Amols, former director of Dining Services, was looking into ways to expand on-campus dining options. She even met with Chick-Fil-A representatives for a site visit.

Amols had in mind a Chick-Fil-A with a full menu and indoor seating. She said if approved, the restaurant would be located near the science buildings and students would be able to use flex dollars to purchase meals.

During the Aug. 30 Student Government Association meeting, Jackie Dudley, vice president of finance and administrative services, said the Chick-fil-A franchise chose not to come to Murray State’s campus.

Dudley said it was determined Murray State was not a market for the fast food chain.

Zachary East, senior from Princeton, Kentucky, takes classes in Alexander Hall near where Chick-Fil-A would have been built. He said he sees a need for dining options in that area, as well as more options on campus in general.

“We do have food options for a college campus,” East said. “However, I think if we were to bring in a couple of name brand restaurants, students would be much more content with on-campus dining options.”

Jessica Tillson, sophomore from Benton, Kentucky, said it is unfortunate our campus does not possess a larger chain restaurant. She said Murray State needs more options.

“I believe Murray State needs to get up-to-date and develop a form of a food court like all of the larger universities have,” Tillson said.

Tillson is a barista at Thoroughbrewed Café, and she said a new dining facility would have opened more job opportunities for students.

“When the semester began, I would have one to three students during each of my shifts ask if the Café was hiring and how to apply,” Tillson said. “With the closing of Hart Cafe, I could potentially see the need for a new venue.”

Javus Yandal, senior from Hickman, Kentucky, said he would like to see more variety on campus when it comes to eating options, but he is also fine with going off campus to get fast food.

Yandal said he is content with Zaxby’s, which is similar to Chick-fil-A, but he understands the popularity.

“Chick-fil-A is arguably a more requested and comparable, recognizable fast food chain that more people appeal towards,” Yandal said.

Yandal, a supervisor at Thoroughbrewed Café, said the increase of different job opportunities that would have come with the restaurant would have been beneficial.

“Dining services offers jobs, but the hours are limited, which upsets some people,” Yandal said.