CFSBank and Murray State partner to educate students on financial literacy

Story by Nick Erickson, Assistant Features Editor

Graphic courtesy of Cody Myers

With the everyday struggle of juggling classes, a job and personal lives, managing money can be a burden. CFSBank has partnered with Murray State to offer a financial wellness program that will alleviate students of this stress and teach them about being fiscally responsible.  

A team of certified financial coaches from CFSB, trained by Dave Ramsey out of Nashville, are available through the program to “coach” interested students on how to avoid making bad financial decisions.

This financial wellness program covers a list of issues, including budgeting, saving, debt elimination, insurance, mortgages, retirement, investments, collectors, bankruptcy and even real estate planning.

Cody Myers, Client Relationship Manager at CFSB and Certified Financial Coach said these seminars are targeted at a range of students, from freshman transitions students to graduating seniors.

“Additionally, these seminars will be used to teach other adults as well as the MSU faculty and staff interested,” Myers said.

Myers said the seminars are divided into three subsequent layers, each of which delve into new facets of financial wellness.

“The first layer tackles the basics of financial wellness,” Myers said. “These include budgeting, debt and savings.”

Myers said the second layer offered consists of a nine week long course which lasts anywhere between one to two hours per session.

The third layer offered is where the course gets even more personal and intricate, incorporating one-on-one coaching with a student and their certified coach. 

“The third layer of the program is the whole nine yards,” Myers said. “Things learned through this course apply straight to the individual.”

Many students have recently been made aware of the program and believe that it could be very beneficial to their lifestyle.

Jordan Lowe, sophomore and business major from Frankfort, Illinois said he’s pleased to see that Murray State and CFSBank are catering to students’ need for improvement.

“It’s awesome that this program is being offered,” Lowe said. “I think the majority of college students aren’t very good at managing their money, so this would be a good start to better their adulthood.”

Bo Hawkes, junior from Bedford, Kentucky said he believes this is a great opportunity for students to become smarter when it comes to money.

“I spent way too much money during my first year at Murray,” Hawkes said. “Freshmen should go to this program and learn about what to do with their money.”

Upcoming dates available to utilize this program include Oct. 17, Oct. 25 and Nov. 9. All seminars during the month of Oct. will be held in Wrather Auditorium and Financial Peace University meets in the Murray Room at the CFSB Center. But one-on-one coaching is available anywhere, including locations on campus.

For further information and a free 10-minute consultation, those interested in the program can call CFSB Financial Coaching at (270) 527-6099 or contact the team at