New greek life coordinator leads successful recruitment

By Paige Effinger, Contributing Writer 

Kim Newbern organized and led sorority and fraternity recruitment for the first time as the new Coordinator of Greek Life and Student Leadership Programs.

Coordinator of Greek Life & Student Leadership Programs

At the start of this academic year, Newbern took the position of Coordinator of Greek Life & Student Leadership Programs, and she plans to bring new qualities to the position.

“This has been my passion to be in student affairs,” Newbern said. “It is awesome to be in this position.”

Newbern is an alumna of Murray State and was also a member of Greek life at Murray State.

Newbern previously worked at Murray State as the assistant director of annual giving in the Sid Easley Alumni Center. She said she was able to work with students, but not in the capacity she gets to in her new position.

With her new office, Newbern is focusing equally on student leadership programs and Greek life and establishing a good service program for the Interfraternity Council, National Panhellenic Council and National Pan-Hellenic Council.

“I want to make sure that every person who comes across my doorstep is able to function as a very successful individual once they graduate from Murray State,” she said.

Along with Murray State’s opportunity afforded program, she said she wants to make sure opportunities are provided for everyone.

Every sorority and fraternity respectively has their own philanthropy they support. However, the governing bodies over these organizations also have their own philanthropies that all Greek organizations can support.

“I want to make sure each council, IFC, Panhellenic and NPHC, are definitely known for an active service within Murray’s community,” Newbern said.

She said she also wants to bring stability to her position because in recent years, there have been five coordinators.

“Being able to have a coordinator that will stay around for a little bit, so that we can actually start to build on the legacy of Greek life here, would be awesome,” Newbern said.

Sorority Recruitment

Sorority recruitment took place Aug. 9-13. This year 272 women signed up for recruitment. Newbern said 205 women accepted bids.

This year was Newbern’s first time leading and planning sorority recruitment events. Newbern said the experience was awesome.

“Everything went great, and we got to see Delta Zeta go through their first recruitment,” Newbern said.

Already, she made some changes to the way sorority recruitment operates. She said she established a new computer system to keep track of all the potential new members, as well as changed the location of bid day to Roy Stewart Stadium.

Danielle Tillman, senior from St. Louis, served as vice president of recruitment for Panhellenic. She was the student leader who oversaw sorority recruitment, and she said recruitment was successful.

“The process was very smooth this year,” Tillman said. “As far as communication between chapters and Panhellenic, it went very well.”

Tillman previously served on Panhellenic as assistant recruitment chair, so this was not her first time being on Panhellenic’s side of recruitment. She said having bid day at Roy Stewart Stadium rather than Lovett Auditorium was very exciting.

Fraternity Recruitment

Fraternity recruitment ended this Monday, August 28.  This year, 170 men registered for fraternity recruitment. Newbern said 143 men accepted bids.

Connor Moore, IFC Recruitment Chair from Dix, Illinois, was the student leader for fraternity recruitment. This was his first year on the IFC executive board. He said it has been an interesting year, and there is a lot of work to accomplish.

“I believe that if we work together, that Murray State IFC can be very successful,” Moore said.

Moore said he changed some things about recruitment this year. Fraternity recruitment begins with a kickoff event where all the men will meet before going to their respective fraternities. However, this year at kickoff, each fraternity gave a three minute presentation about their organization before sending the potential new members off.

“I hope that continues with future recruitment weeks to come,” Moore said.