Students venture out into the real world

By Nick Erickson, Assistant Features Editor

There’s a world full of wonder out there. Several of Murray State’s graduating seniors are seizing the amazing opportunities they have been presented with, getting the chance to travel the country and pursue a profession they love.

Peter Northcutt, accounting major from Benton, Kentucky plans to move to St. Louis, Missouri next month to join Teach For America, an organization created to break down education inequity.

“I’ll be teaching middle school English to underprivileged, at-risk students in struggling St. Louis public schools,” Northcutt said.

Northcutt said said the job came about when analyzing his post-graduation options. He said the organization helps certify people who didn’t study education in college and gets them placed in schools that are in need of equality-minded teachers

“For someone that doesn’t know exactly what he wants to do with his life, this seems like a really exciting, meaningful next step,” Northcutt said.

Alexis Macklin, business administration major from San Diego, California has a position with Amazon lined up after graduation. She plans to move to Los Angeles this summer to be an Area Manager for the company.

Macklin says the job essentially came to her after maintaining activity on social media.

“My professor Dr. Joy Humphrey encouraged me to keep my LinkedIn profile updated and follow the businesses and recruiters of the position that I would want,” Macklin said. “After actively following those pages and both liking and commenting on articles they posted, a recruiter send me an assessment on the job opportunity saying I would be a good fit.

Macklin said her new position will come with a good deal of responsibility.

“As an area manager,  I have overall responsibility for a number of associates in my warehouse,” Macklin said. “I will be responsible for staff and work closely with other senior managers and department managers. “

Branson Schroeder, exercise science and pre-physical therapy major, said that he plans to work as a college missionary through Fellowship of Catholic University Students (FOCUS).

Though originally intending to attend the University of Florida this fall, Schroeder said he has felt the desire to pursue this path throughout the semester.

“This semester I have just felt this desire to serve in a way that I feel I can only do while I’m young and reach this generation of college students for Christ,” Schroeder said.

Schroeder said his past experiences with missionary groups have inspired him to do the same.

“I’ve had a number of missionaries and college students who have made a huge impact on my life and led me toward living for the will of God,” Schroeder said.

Schroeder said he will not know which college campus he will be traveling to until June, but he is happy and assured this is what is best for him.

“It’s brought so much joy to my life,” Schroeder said. “I know this is where I need to be right now.”