It Just Takes One

By Dasha Tuck, Staff writer

“Excuse me sir, you need to pay rent because you are taking up too much space in my mind.”

This was just one of the lines performed last week, at The First Presbyterian Church, from Kate Tombaugh’s one-woman show: It Just Takes One.

“Timewise it is an autobiographical slice of my life from right after graduation from CCM (College-Conservatory of Music at the University of Cincinnati) where I completed my graduate studies up until I first met my husband,” Tombaugh said.

Learning The Storyline

Kate Tombaugh is a professional opera singer, mezzo-soprano, who has traveled the world making her mark on the opera stage. She began writing It Just Takes One six years ago.

“I’ve been wanting to do a one-woman show since I was 18-years-old,” Tombaugh said. “I have always been planning on doing it.”

She said writing began when she was at her peak of frustration with dating and her career. During the show, she refers to three men she dated over a two year span.  All of which are a combination of the men she dated at the time.

The show began with Tombaugh auditioning for an opera gig. She portrayed herself as an eager young performer who was fresh into the audition scene. Tombaugh was trying to find her way after just graduating with a master’s degree in vocal performance.

At this point in the show she explained to the audience she had just broken up with her steady boyfriend on graduation day. She touched on realities of dating using her own love life as the butt of the joke.

This show followed Tombaugh’s career and love life through a two-year span. She encountered men whom she thought were perfect for her. Her performance included various songs in various languages including French and German.

Tombaugh was the sole performer, advertiser, organizer and author of this event.

Hearing From The Crowd

The show drew a crowd of more than 60 community members. All of which had nothing but positive accolades for Tombaugh.

During the performance, audience members were left in aw; mouths open and eyes fixed on her every move. The audience was brought to tears by Tombaugh’s voice.

Several of the attendees were members of the First Presbyterian Church. Those who are used to seeing Tombaugh in the choir stands were intrigued by the side of her they saw during It Just Takes One.

“Kate is a joy and a breath of fresh air,” said Deanna Wolf, Murray resident and member of The First Presbyterian Church.

Others were not so surprised by Tombaugh’s talent.

“I knew what to expect because I know Kate so well,” said Patsy Channey, Murray resident and member of The First Presbyterian Church. “She sings in the church choir.”

Tombaugh’s parents were in the audience as well. Her mother, Cathy Tombaugh, said she always gets emotional seeing her daughter perform.

“We know we can’t make eye contact with Kate while she sings,” Cathy said. “It just hits her dad and I right in the throats. We are just so unspeakably proud.”

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