Rep. James Comer: Legislative update

Photo courtesy of WIkimedia

Story by Paige Effinger, Contributing writer


James Comer was elected the 1st district congressman for Kentucky last November, and has kept busy his first year in Congress.

Comer finished his 12th town hall meeting covering all 12 counties. During the congressional recess, Comer wanted to visit his district to discuss their concerns.

In one of the town hall meetings in Franklin, Kentucky, according to 13 ABC WBKO the meeting discussed a variety of topics including the attacks in Syria.

Comer hopes that he can help his constituents understand his stance on things and help them with any concerns.

“I work for these people and it’s my job to come and hear them out and get their advice,” Comer said.

During the town hall meeting, Comer says he agrees with President Trump and his actions towards Syria despite it being a controversial move. Comer said that the President does not need congressional approval, but also does not want troops on the ground.  

Comer hopes to have a town hall meeting in all 35 of his district counties by the end of this year, and has scheduled more for the month of May.

Also, in March, Comer was able to accompany President Trump on Air Force One. In a press release issued on March 21, Comer said the two spoke about health care in the first district.

In an interview with WKMS, Murray State’s NPR station, Michael Gossum, Comer’s communication director, said the congressman plans on voting for the American Health Care Act.

In an interview with 13 ABC WBKO about the flight with Trump, Comer said he wanted to ensure the President knew that healthcare could not be a “one size fits all” ordeal.

“The challenges that people in New York have, with respect to healthcare, are very different than the challenges for people in Western Kentucky and South Central Kentucky,” Comer said.

In the press release, Comer said the conversation was very productive, and thanked President Trump on working to repeal Obamacare.

“The first district is a very rural district, and I want to make sure my constituents get the best possible health care,” Comer said.