‘The Hangover’ aims to draw a younger crowd

By Emily Williams, Features Editor

One of Murray’s bars, The Hangover, is looking to draw a younger crowd to their doors in the coming months. They have partnered with Murray’s 270 DJs, a group of three DJs committed to the cause of providing a fun, safe and open environment where students can spend their weekends or weeknights.

George Aguirre (also known as DJ El Jas), member of 270 DJs from Mexico City, Mexico, said he is a promoter of The Hangover because he believes it has something to offer Murray that other bars do not.

Aguirre said 270 DJs consists of three friends (himself, Tanner Bertram and Caleb Batts) who like music and enjoy seeing other people have fun. He said they are the house DJs of The Hangover Thursday, Friday and Saturday nights.

“We play a range of all types of music at The Hangover,” Aguirre said. “We just like to have fun and make sure that the people who come to our event have fun, too.”

Aguirre said the The Hangover offers more than just music and dancing on Friday and Saturday nights. The club features pool tables, dart tournaments every Tuesday and Thursday and karaoke on Mondays and Tuesdays. He said once a month, they bring a live band to the club to shake things up.

“We’re the only place in Murray that actually has DJs,” Aguirre said. “And the service is just great. When I started working here, it felt more like a family than it did coworkers to me.”

Aguirre said the The Hangover draws a mixed crowd, including a good variety of international students, which is something that they cater to.

“We just want to provide a safe environment and a fun place for Murray,” Aguirre said. “That’s our goal. We want to make sure that when they come over to our event, they have a good time and they feel safe, too.”

Aguirre said he believes it is very important that students, especially females, feel safe.

“If they see a rough crowd, they will walk away and they will not come back,” Aguirre said. “So, we want to make sure they are treated well as a friend and not as a customer.”

Yasir Alijasir, freshman from Buraydah, Saudi Arabia, is a regular at The Hangover and said he goes at least three times a month or if there is a special event.

“I go because most people who go there, I know, so that makes me so comfortable,” Yasir said. “They also do something new every weekend at The Hangover.”

Yasir said he would tell students who weren’t sure if they wanted to go to The Hangover to just try it, because you won’t lose anything from that.

Tanner Bertram, junior from Paducah, Kentucky, also known as DJ Tan the Man, said he thinks The Hangover is appealing to college students because they have completely redone the idea of what the building used to be.

“It used to be a bar, and they would bring in DJs or talents,” Bertram said. “It used to be a hangout spot, I guess you would say.”

Bertram said college students weren’t really a fan of the environment in the past because they wanted to have that big, party environment instead of just sitting around and playing some pool.

Bertram said The Hangover has a killer sound system, what he calls the largest system in Murray and an impressive lighting setup, as well as an open dance floor and plenty of events.

“It’s the spot,” Bertram said. “We would like to see more Murray State students appearing there. It’s completely different from what is has been and is better than it has ever been. It caters to college students directly.”