Sigma Sigma Sigma celebrates 75 years

Photo courtesy of the Marshall University Tri Sigma chapter

Story by Katlyn Mackie, Staff writer

The Sigma Sigma Sigma Alpha Chi chapter at Murray State recently celebrated 75 years on campus Sunday, April 9.

The anniversary was celebrated during a banquet with their alumnae in the Curris Center, which had more than 200 people in attendance.

Tri Sigma Alpha Chi came to Murray State in 1942 and was the first national Greek organization to be chartered on campus.

The sorority combined the anniversary with the celebration of their founder’s day – 119th for the national sorority – that had initially been celebrated in January.

Among the attendees was Donna Herndon, a Tri Sigma alumna who served as the alumnae director for 11 years and is currently the alumnae relations adviser on the chapter advisory board.

Herndon was initiated in 1961 and said she enjoyed seeing all of the people she has come into contact with throughout the years she has been a part of Tri Sigma. 

“It was a very nice occasion and I think the greatest joy for me was one of the original charter members, Grace Solomon, who is 95 years old, was able to be with us,” Herndon said.

She said she has enjoyed having a relationship with the older sisters, and now enjoys having a relationship with the younger sisters.

“I feel like with my age and my involvement with the sorority I’ve had the best of both worlds because I’ve been able to know and be inspired by the older members and, I guess you’d say, invigorated by the younger ones,” Herndon said.

Kayla Thompson, sophomore from Red Bud, Illinois, said Herndon always does her best to be at the chapter events and  support the members in every way possible.

During the banquet, Thompson said, they heard the history of Tri Sigma on campus.

“It is so cool to hear about how we began and how we came from the brightest and best students on campus,” Thompson said.

She said being part of the 75th anniversary was an amazing experience.

“This founder’s day is one I will never forget and it reminded me how lucky I am to be a part of such an amazing sisterhood,” Thompson said.

Kayla Grunduski, Tri Sigma president and senior from Louisville, Kentucky, said she joined Tri Sigma because it felt like home and a place she could be herself and be accepted no matter what.

Grunduski said it’s cool to be part of a sorority with such an extensive history and it is interesting to learn everything that has happened within the chapter.

“It reminds that you are a part of something bigger than just yourself and right here, right now,” Grunduski said. ”There is so much that has come before and so much that is going to come after you.”