9 Best Places to Cry on Campus

By Nick Erickson, Staff writer

Stress is an inevitable factor for college students and sometimes the pressure is simply too much. With finals week approaching, one may feel the urge to cry. Luckily for students, there are plenty of spots on campus where one can let the tears flow and the stress escape for a while.

  1. The Zen Garden

The Zen Garden, located outside between Old Fine Arts and the new Fine Arts building, is praised highly by students. Many go to sit under the wooden awning, gaze upon the bedrock and take in the fresh air; however, during several hours of the day, the area is desolate. This is perfect for the quiet crier and outdoor enthusiast.

  1. Waterfield Library

Everyone knows libraries are quiet environments, but for those who can keep their volume down, there are a plethora of places to cry inside of Waterfield. Arguably the best spot is in one of the study cubicles on the top floor. Students can rent these out for their studies during finals week and weep to themselves without anyone watching.

  1. Curris Center

The top floor of the Curris Center is used for various activities, including marching band banquets and foreign film showings. Additionally there are glass tables near the window overlooking the campus walkway where students can go to watch happy couples pass by as they cry and eat their T-Room takeout.

  1. Winslow

After failing a final, one may feel the insatiable urge to binge eat waffles. Those not afraid to cry in public, look no further than Winslow Dining Hall. The waffle maker will listen to students vent even if their friends won’t.

      5.   The Shoe Tree

An upheld Murray State tradition, this tree is enveloped in pairs of shoes. When two lovers who met on campus marry, they return to nail their shoes to the tree. With benches to the side, heartbroken students can sit and sulk as they long for true love.

  1. The Professor’s Office

While students cry over their grades, it’s worth a shot for them to try begging their professors to curve said grades. Head to them during their office hours and attempt to let the tears sway.

  1. A Hammock In The Quad

In a similar vein to how students set up hammocks on the quad to relax, one can do the same to cry. As the hammock provides enclosure, one can rock back and forth under the shade to take their mind off things, whether it be finals or the crippling, impending college debt.

8. The Car

Arguably one of the best places to cry on campus is in one’s own car. It’s stressful enough to find parking as it is, but if one is fortunate enough to, they can crank the AC, turn up the Adele and cry about the price of that parking ticket on their hood.

   9.  The Dorm Room

Let’s face it: there’s no better feeling than crying in the privacy of one’s own room. With no one there to judge (provided one has locked their roommate outside), students can lie in bed, eat Doritos and watch Friends on Netflix for the nth time. It’s the best consolation.