Local rock band hosts show to celebrate first single

Story by Nick Erickson, Staff writer 

Newcomers to the Murray music scene Lethargic Super Dudes played a show April 5 at the Curris Center to celebrate the release of their first single, “I Went Into the Forest.”

Composed of vocalist and guitarist Gabe Massinon, bassist Matt Martin, guitarist Will Stuart and drummer Steve Boss, the four-piece band showed vigor on the stage and passion for their craft.

Martin, senior from Louisville, Kentucky, said the group did not actually start with the intention of being a band.

“Originally we were just three roommates who would get bored and jam on the weekends,” Martin said. “We called ourselves The Jank House Band and played covers at Mr. J’s Grill & Pub open mic night once or twice.”
Martin said it was the fall semester of 2016 when an official lineup was created.

“Gabe showed us an original song he wrote called ‘I Went Into the Forest’ and we began to realize we had something special,” Martin said. “Once we had an original song and a lineup, we just needed an official name and practice.”
Martin said Gabe suggested the name Lethargic Super Dudes and though the band laughed at it, nobody else could think of a better name so therefore it stuck.

“We started taking ourselves more seriously last December,” Martin said. “We went into the forest and wrote an album in a weekend, then played our first show the following week in Louisville.”

As far as the band’s music goes, Martin says multiple influences have come together to form a cohesive and a helpful experience for each member.
“I would describe us as a psychedelic rock band that grew up listening to a lot of punk and emo music,” Martin said. “We write music for a creative outlet and therapeutic experience.”

Martin said it was easy to book the band’s show at the Curris Center.

“The Curris Center is a great space where anyone can reserve space in the building,” Martin said. “Depending on the event and organization, some spaces are free.”

Martin also said their fraternity aided in producing the show.

“We were able to reserve the space through our fraternity, Phi Kappa Tau,” Martin said. “Having all been in previous bands, we ran our own sound, set up the stage and also brought our own PA system.”

Martin said he was pleased with the outcome of the band’s show.

“I think it was the best show we’ve played so far,” Martin said. “It seems like each show we play, we build more chemistry on stage between us.”

With around 20 people in attendance, Martin said he was happy about the crowd’s reaction.

“Everyone was really responsive,” Martin said. “It’s always nice to see people having a good time watching your band.”

In addition to playing new songs, some of which Martin says they’ve never before practiced, the band took a few requests from the crowd.

Martin said the band has plenty planned for the remainder of 2017.

“We have one show officially planned for the future,” Martin said. “We are releasing our album on April 21 and throwing a house show to celebrate the release.”

To anyone interested in booking Lethargic Super Dudes for a show, contact the band at lethargicsuperdudes@gmail.com.