Annual puzzle race gives back to Need Line

By Sydni Anderson, Staff writer

An annual race of wit and fitness is gearing up as April 8 approaches. Fliers have been hung around campus announcing an “Amazing Race for Need Line” as the Honors College Student Council prepares for the 2017 Maneuver Murray.

Hali Christenson, sophomore from Oakes, North Dakota, is the Honors College Student Council philanthropy chairwoman, and she is in charge of Maneuver Murray this year. Christenson said the event, started in 2011 by Madison Mucci, has been growing since its formation.

“It is essentially an Amazing Race throughout Murray where teams are given a clue sheet that leads them to various task locations with the goal being to reach the finish line with 11 of the 12 tasks completed in the allotted time frame,” Christenson said.

The Maneuver Murray website describes the occasion as part race, part puzzle-cracker, part Murray exploration and a few parts philanthropy for Need Line. Christenson said she had an absolute blast when volunteering to help with the event last year.

“It was so much fun to come up with the clues and see it all come together on race day,” she said. “My family was actually able to come participate last year and hearing how much fun they had made me realize I had to play a bigger role in Maneuver Murray going forward.”

Ashley Munie, sergeant at arms of the Honors College Student Council and senior from Breese, Illinois, said she has been involved with Maneuver Murray for the past three years and will be playing in it again this April. She said she has been helping put on the event for two years.

“I had a bunch of fun helping create the clue sets and stuff a couple years ago,” Munie said. “I also like on game day keeping everyone’s energy up when they come to my station.”

When it comes to the philanthropic side of the event, Munie said all the money from the Maneuver Murray competing teams’ participation fees go straight to Need Line.

“It’s important to support local philanthropies because it’s always good to give back to those less fortunate,” Munie said.

Need Line is a nonprofit organization that works to relieve food insecurity in Murray. According to a 2014 Feeding America report, 6,060 people face food insecurity in Calloway County. The report also states there is a food insecurity rate of 16 percent in the county. According to the Maneuver Murray website, the event raised more than $1,200 in 2015.

Tim Stark, marketing director at Murray Bank, said the establishment supports the event by being the main T-shirt sponsor. Stark said contributing to the community allows people to see more visible and significant results.

“As Murray’s only local bank, all the support provided by the Murray Bank stays right here in our hometown helping our kids and neighbors,” Stark said. “Need Line has been operating in Murray and Calloway County for some time now, and their services have never been more needed.”

Christenson said local philanthropies are important because they have such a big impact on the community.

“Need Line does so much for the Murray community, and the Honors Student Council just wants to help give back to that,” Christenson said.

The event will take place on April 8 from 11 a.m. to 2 p.m. Two-person teams cost $40 to register and teams of three or four people cost $60. The first-place team will receive $200, and the second-place team will receive $100.