Tori takes the torch

Photos by Jenny Rohl/TheNews

Story by Ashley Traylor, Staff writer

Tori Wood is the newly-elected Student Government Association President (SGA), securing the position with about 500 more votes than her opponent, Lucas Reed.

There were 856 combined votes for the candidates, with 681 for Wood and 175 for Reed.

“I’m glad that the best candidate got the votes that she needed,” Reed said.

Even though he did not win, Reed said he plans to work with the new administration and continue to better SGA. 

“It feels so good now because I’ve wanted it for so long, and I’ve worked so hard,” Wood said. “I genuinely just want to be able to serve the students better. This is an incredible moment.”

SGA president is a position Wood has wanted for a while now, she said. Her freshman year, she read SGA bylaws because she found the organization so interesting.

Since, Wood’s leadership roles in SGA have included senator, chief of staff, and vice president of administration. She said she knew she wanted to continue serving the students and all those who served before her motivated her to run for this position. 

“Being in a leadership position for recognition will leave you so unfulfilled, and I’ve never wanted to do that,” Wood said. “I simply want to serve the student body. I’m so grateful to be able to be in this position, and I’m grateful for those who pushed me to do it.”

Wood’s plan for her presidency is to start strong and get involved with the Board of Regents to be the voice for students.

“If you are a Racer and you have any issue, whether big or small, I want to hear it,” Wood said. “I genuinely mean it when I say ‘Your fight is my fight,’ because I simply want to serve the student body. I am so grateful for this experience and thanks to everyone.”

Incumbent Clint Combs, thanked all the candidates who campaigned for their positions because he said it is hard to put yourself out there and be elected to a position.

“We wish the best of luck to Tori and we have full confidence in her ability to lead,” Combs said. “The future looks bright for SGA. We are excited for Tori’s term and the years to come.”



Tori Wood

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