Career Fairs held this week

Story by Michelle Hawks, Contributing writer

The semesterly career fairs will be held this week.

The All Majors and Skills Career Fair is Tuesday, March 14 from 2-5 p.m. in the Curris Center ballroom.

The STEM and health-related Career Fair is Wednesday, March 15 from 2-5 p.m., also in the Curris Center ballroom.

Students will be required to be professionally dressed and have a resume in hand to enter the career fair.

Matthew Purdy, director of Career Services, said he hopes there will be close to 100 companies attending over the two-day event.

He said there will be a broad range of companies represented from 18 different states. He said companies will also be looking for a range of interns and full-time workers.

“Even if you still don’t know what you’re interested in, it’s a great place to go,” Purdy said.

He said these companies come to Murray State for a reason.

“Whenever employers see Racers doing well in the workforce, they’re going to want more of that,” Purdy said.

He said despite popular belief, career fairs are not just for juniors and seniors.

Erin Wagner, sophomore from Belleville, Illinois, said this will be the second career fair she has attended.

“It’s important for people to create a network of possibilities for future internships and careers,” Wagner said.

She said going to the career fairs allows companies to better know who you are, as well as shows how much drive you have and how comfortable you are interacting with others.

Lou Davidson Tillson, organizational communication professor, said she requires the students in her senior seminar to attend the career fair.

She said the fair goes hand-in-hand with the class’s purpose of helping students transition from college life into a career.

“For some students, this is the first time they will have to dress professionally and network,” Tillson said.  

For those unsure of how to prepare, Purdy said one of the biggest things students can do is look at the list of companies attending and research the ones they find interesting.

He said students should also be prepared to introduce themselves and talk about their accomplishments.  

“Be a Tigger, not an Eeyore,” Purdy said.

He said Career Services will be present at the career fairs if anyone needs any assistance.

A list of companies who will be in attendance can be found here.