Race for the Presidency

Photos by McKenna Dosier/TheNews

Story by Katlyn Mackie, Contributing writer 

The current Student Government Association (SGA) president, Clint Combs, has almost completed his second term, leaving the position open for someone new.

The candidates for SGA president are Lucas Reed, junior from Paducah, Kentucky, and Tori Wood, junior from Symsonia, Kentucky.

Voting opens on myGate at 12:01 a.m. on March 13 and goes on until 11:59 p.m. on March 14. The new president will be announced on March 15 at 5 p.m. in Winslow Dining Hall.


Reed became involved with SGA this past year and held the position of government relations chair during this time but is now campaigning to become president.

He said he believes becoming president is one of the many ways he could give back to Murray State.

“Having some of my ideas benefit other organizations or some of the organizations that I had been a part of – and then also benefit the university as a whole, because they have given me so much more than an education – is great,” Reed said.

He said one of his goals would be to make SGA more known throughout the community by using social media to post a Google Calendar of SGA events.

He said he also hopes to make information more accessible to the public through Facebook or Twitter live feeds of the business meetings.

Reed said he has also been looking at is making print copies in Waterfield Library free.

“The university doesn’t really make that much money [off the copies], they barely break even on it half the time,” Reed said. “I would like to make those free to students because it’s like that at other universities as well.”


Wood – who has been involved with SGA for the past two years – said she wants to be a voice for the student body.

“I genuinely believe that students on campus deserve to have a voice, and I think they should have someone that positively represents them and is willing to fight for them,” Wood said. “I think that my leadership and my administration will be able to help advocate for students.”

Wood has previously served as a senator, chief of staff and vice president during her time with SGA.

As for her goals as president, similarly to Reed,  Wood said she believes SGA is not properly publicized. She said she plans to help properly market SGA so it can function to its full capabilities.

“Within my campaign, I have worked very hard to market the administration that I have, so I know that within my time, hopefully, as president I won’t just say that I’ll do it, I’ve already done it,” Wood said.  

Wood said she wants to see change on campus and be able represent the whole student body. She said all of her experiences and leadership positions have allowed her to gain understanding about SGA and prepared her for the role.

Wood said she urges people to be aware of changes on campus like budget cuts for higher education, health services and parking and said she plans to advocate for the student body for these changes.

“Essentially, I just want people to vote,” Wood said. “We as students are able to decide who sits in that position. Even if it’s not me, I just want them to be able to know that they had a voice and a person that represented them.”