TRIO Day welcomes students to Murray State

Photo courtesy of Chalice Keith/TheNews

Story by Michelle Hawks, Contributing writer

Approximately 500 Students and faculty members from across Kentucky came to Murray State Friday and Saturday to celebrate TRIO Day.

In 1986, Congress passed a resolution designating the last Saturday of each February as National TRIO Day, allowing programs across the nation to celebrate the work that TRIO does for low-income, first-generation students.  

Throughout the day, students, ranging from middle school to college age, were able to attend browsing and informational sessions, tour the campus and compete in various academic competitions, including Upward Bound Scholars Bowl, Educational Talent Search High-Q, Educational Talent Search Academic Bowl, Student Support Services Debate and Educational Opportunity Center Poster Competition.

President Bob Davies and TV personality Mr. Gary from “Them Yo People” spoke at the event, as well as Anton Reece, president of Western Kentucky Community and Technical College, who gave the keynote.

Davies said although they were in normal clothes, everyone there was a superhero—the theme of the day.

“Each one of you have the ability to make a difference,” Davies said. “Each one of you have the ability to inspire.”

Doris Clark-Sarr said the work being done at Murray State is worth celebrating. The university has five of the seven TRIO programs: Upward Bound, Student Support Services, McNair Scholars Program, Talent Search and Educational Opportunity Center.

 Clark-Sarr said they work with youth and adults in the area every step of the way, ensuring their academic success.

“It’s a win-win situation all around,” Clark-Sarr said.  

Clark-Sarr said the university will also hold an event later in the semester to celebrate the TRIO programs at Murray State.