Staff member arrested on meth charges

Staff Report

Chris Emerson, building services technician for Murray State, was arrested Feb. 16, in Graves County on charges including possession and manufacturing methamphetemine.

Officers reported to the scene after a woman called 911 and hung up abruptly. Before she hung up, all she said was there were firearms involved.

Police arrived, obtained a search warrant and found items used for the manufacturing of methamphetamine and a marijuana-growing facility in one of the back closets, according to a Graves County Sheriff’s office press release.

Police also found both methamphetamine and marijuana in the residence.

According to police, officers found a backpack containing a handgun with the serial numbers scratched off inside the home.

Four of the six people inside the home, including Emerson, were arrested on numerous charges.

Emerson’s charges includes posession of a controlled substance, possesion of marijuana, manufacturing of methamphetamine and cultivation of marijuana. Emerson is currently being held in Graves County Jail, with the bond set at $50,000.

University administration declined to comment.