Dining Services director retires

Story by Sabra Jackson, Contributing writer

After being at Murray State for five years, Paula Amols, director of Dining Services, is retiring with her last day being April 14.

Amols said the director “provides a vision for where they would like to see dining services go and follow through with these plans and make them happen.”

Terri Benton, assistant director of Dining Services, said Amols has done just that.

“We have enjoyed having her,” Benton said. “She really listens to the students and really hears what they have to say.”

Last year, Murray State hosted the National Association of College and University Food Services (NACUFS) regional conference.

Although Amols said she was nervous about the conference, Benton said the it went great. She said the highlight of working with Amols was the closing banquet that brought Amols to tears after seeing how great the conference was.

Before Murray State, Amols worked at Cornell Dining for 23 years. She said that she has worked jobs in the food service industry most of her life.

During her retirement, Amols said she plans to go back to her hometown of Ithaca, New York, to be back with her friends and family. She said she plans to buy “a fixer-upper” house to give her something to make her own and to continue volunteering with a local no-kill shelter which she has volunteered previously.

She said her favorite events hosted during her career at Murray State were the Harvest Dinner and the Chinese New Year celebration. She said she hopes that these two events will continue to grow on campus.

“We wish Paula the best in her retirement. While she will no doubt be missed by our staff and many others on campus, I know she is excited about her new chapter,” said Emily Asher, manager of Data and Communications for Dining Services and Racer Hospitality.   

Amols said she is optimistic on how she is leaving the staff here at Murray State. She has hopes that they will continue in a positive direction.

“She has had a significant impact on the university and her leadership has helped the dining program grow here at MSU,” Asher said.

Amols said she owes a lot of her progress to Don Robertson, vice president of Student Affairs. She said he was very supportive of what she wanted to do.

“I really have been very lucky with how the people here have been just wonderful. They were very welcoming, very helpful,” Amols said. “I think the people are probably the best thing about here.”

At this time, there has not been a replacement director has not been selected.