Keeping Connected with SGA 2-22-17

Photo by Jenny Rohl/TheNews

Story by Ashley Traylor, Staff writer

This week SGA met to discuss a new laptop bank and potential changes to Health Services.

SGA also voted to pass the proposed tailgating policy discussed at last week’s meeting. The tailgating policy will be discussed and voted on at the Board of Regents meeting Feb. 24.

Clint Combs, SGA president, said he is developing a laptop bank program, which he said he hopes will begin Fall 2017. University computers that are being phased out will be given to the laptop bank. Students in need of a computer could borrow one from the bank.

“It will hopefully be a program that will benefit some of our students that may be in need and could really benefit from a laptop,” Combs said.

President Bob Davies said Health Services costs the university about $600,000 to provide students with free health services.

“I am committed and the administration is committed to having some sort of health services on campus,” Davies said. “We believe that’s important.”

Various options will be presented at Board of Regents. Among those are a health services fee, an insurance-based health services and outsourcing the facility.

Upcoming Events:

  • Feb. 27- Anthony Ervin lecture 7 p.m. in the Curris Center
  • March 8 – Pet therapy in the Curris Center Rocking Chair Lounge at noon
  • March 9 – Presidential lecture 8 p.m. at CFSB