Doggie Day Spa largest in three years

By Emily Williams, Assistant Features Editor

Around 70 of Murray State’s Animal Health Technology/Pre-Veterinary Club members were able to gain hands-on experience, as well as bond with furry friends, at one of the largest annual Doggie Day Spa and Pet ID Clinic son Saturday, Feb. 11 at the A. Carman Animal Health Technology Center.

The event drew a crowd of more than 300 community members and their four-legged friends, who had the option of receiving a bath for $10, an ear cleaning and a nail trim for $8, or “the works” – a bath, ear cleaning and nail trim – for $15. Microchipping was also available.

Bailey Spillman, junior from Louisville, Kentucky, and fundraising chair for the Animal Health Technology/Pre-Veterinary Club, said it was her third year participating in Doggie Day Spa.

“This is the biggest Doggie Day Spa I have personally ever worked,” she said. “And I’ve been here three years.”

Spillman said they raised $3,288 and that they saw the same number of dogs – 216 – that they typically see on AHT Day. To her, it was a huge deal.

“To see that many dogs in a shorter time frame was a significant difference from the 125-150 dogs we normally see on Doggie Day Spas,” she said.

The event also allows for  the opportunity for pre-vet students to practice their essential skills.

“This event is a great community builder,” Spillman said. “We have everybody come out here, everyone gets exposure to the club, the club gets exposure to the community. It’s just this big, family event for everybody.”

Spillman said the proceeds from the event go toward the Pre-Vet Tech Club and help with funding for activities such as their Mutt Strut, a 5K they put on annually.

Dakota Parrish, senior from Muray, brought her dog, Oakley, to the event.

“We got the works, so that’s his ears, his nails and his bath,” Parrish said. “He weighs 115 pounds so I’d rather have more hands than just me.”

Parrish said she heard about the event through her sorority sisters of Alpha Delta Pi who are pre-vet and posted about the event on their Facebook page.

“I frequently visit our Humane Society and I love it,” Parrish said. “They do so much for our community and everybody there is just so wonderful.”

Leah Collins, freshman from Bowling Green, Kentucky, said it was her very first time participating in Doggie Day Spa and she really enjoyed the experience.

“I’m in the small animal dry room so that’s pretty fun,” Collins said. “It’s a little challenging but that’s what we want; we want challenges.”

Collins said she hopes to move back to Bowling Green, when she graduates from Murray State and work for a large/small animal veterinarian since she has been around livestock since she was a young girl and has a passion for animals. She said she is thankful for events like Doggie Day Spa to help her prepare for her future as a veterinarian.